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Valentina Rovelli, Aritz Ruiz-González, Leonardo Vignoli, Daniele Macale, Vincenzo Buono, Francesca Davoli, David R. Vieites, Nadav Pezaro and Ettore Randi

. Therefore, the application of Restriction Site Associated DNA Sequencing and GBS methods can make an important contribution to the field of conservation genomics, especially when applied to amphibian species. Following the success of GBS in identifying genetic markers in two conifer species with extremely

Juliana Gaeta, Iván Acevedo and Annie Machordom

. Panitz F. Ogden R. Nielsen R. O. Taylor M. I. Helyar S. J. Carvalho G. R. Espiñeira M. Atanassova M. Tintil F. Maes G. E. Patarnello T. Bargellom L. , 2011 . Novel tools for conservation genomics: comparing two high-throughput approaches for SNP discovery in the transcriptome