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Grigory Vaypan

, e.g.: Constitutional Court of Russia, Judgment of 14 July 2015 No.21-P, available at < >; Judgment of 19 April 2016 No.12-P, available at < >; Judgment of 19 January 2017 No.1-P, available at < http

Mikhail Antonov

Russian Federa- tion. The development of the doctrine of the Constitutional Court of Russia in this matter is quite illustrative as to the legal arguments used to protect the integrity of the Russian Federation against the diverse disintegrative strategies pursued by the regions. Keywords autonomy

Majid Nikouei and Masoud Zamani

-determination. 3 National Courts and the Invocation of International Law on External Self-determination A rather similar situation to that adjudged by the Ukrainian Constitutional Court was examined by the first Constitutional Court of Russia in the so-called Tatarstan case 28 before the enactment of the 1993

The Nature of the Russian Trial by Jury

“Jurata Patriae” or “Raison d’État”

Nikolai Kovalev and Alexander Smirnov

Ages ( Forsyth, 1875; Proffatt, 1880 ). The world had changed significantly. Most countries in the world recognize the right to life. By its Decision of February 1999, the Constitutional Court of Russia suspended the imposition and execution of death sentences throughout Russia until the jury trial

Mauro Mazza

the foreign case law on the decisions of the Federal Constitutional Court of Russia, however, go beyond what can it be deduced from the reduced expressed references to foreign judgments contained in the (only) six separate opinions of the Constitutional Court first examined. 43 There is, in fact, the

Péter Kovács

because the Constitutional Court of Russia had recognized its applicability with respect to the armed conflict in the Chechen Republic13 in spite of the claim by certain authors that, in fact, the Russian government did not acknowl- edge the applicability of Common Article 3. 14 Beside the emphasis put on

Markku Suksi

emerged, namely the African Commission of Human Rights and Peoples’ Rights case of Katangese Peoples’ Congress v. Zaire in 1992 (Comm. No. 75/92 (not dated)), the Russian Constitutional Court case concerning the independence of the Republic of Tatarstan in 1992 (the first Constitutional Court of Russia

Maksim Karliuk

will be a hard task for the eaeu Court to ensure uniform application of Union law. The Constitutional Court of Russia has already voiced its disagreement regarding its approach to the eaeu Court. 74 In this respect, its latest rulings regarding decisions of the European Court of Human Rights

Sergei Yu. Marochkin and Vladimir A. Popov

other words, one cannot invoke national security to situations relating to the prevention of only local or relatively isolated threats to law and order. In 2002, two applications were made to the Constitutional Court of Russia to request an explanation of the 1995 ruling. The applicants asked the


tremendously significant role is in promoting the evolution of internal law in the countries of Eastern Europe in a way that more closely approaches the guarantees of fundamental rights of the individual. Even prior to the constitutional reform of 1993, for example, the Constitutional Court of Russia was used