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Viren Swami

developmental systems theory, buffered by a reconsideration of the dialectical sciences, offers a more comprehensive and rigorous approach to psychology. I further propose that historical materialists and those on the Left generally should take a keen interest in these issues as they have a bearing on social and

Le Philèbe de Platon

Introduction à l’agathologie platonicienne


Sylvain Dr. Delcomminette

This book deals with the nature and function of the good in Plato’s philosophy, by focusing on the dialogue explicitly devoted to it: the Philebus. It provides a comprehensive commentary of this difficult dialogue in which almost all the themes of Plato’s philosophy are discussed or alluded to. The author shows that a scrupulous analysis and reconstruction of its argumentative progress makes it possible to discover the unity between these different topics, and argues that this unity lies in the fact that Plato develops there what he was calling for notably in the Republic, i.e. a (dialectical) science of the good (or ‘agathology’). Read from this viewpoint, the Philebus appears as a dialogue of tremendous importance for the understanding of Plato’s philosophy as a whole.


Paul Paolucci

Many scholars see science and politics as mutually exclusive realms, where the latter's influence contaminates former's purity. Karl Marx's critics often interpret him within this framework, where his value-laden judgments render his analysis of capitalism moot. Though defenders argue that Marx rejects an objective-subjective dichotomy, this book offers a different interpretation. Through the method of critique Marx examines problems and biases in putatively neutral forms of scientific knowledge, specifically models that fail to capture the relations of power and knowledge dominant in capitalist society. By incorporating these relations into his abstractions and tracing their historical movement, Marx's corrective to malformed approaches to scientific knowledge more readily lays bare capitalist society’s exploitative and distortive nature. This book demonstrates these principles and applies them to conventional sociological methods, theories of religion, and class analysis.

Kevin Hart

being; Hegel maintained that logic (as a speculative, dialectical science) “coincides with Metaphysics, the science of things set and held in thoughts”; 2 and analytic philosophy, begin- ning with Peter Strawson, has largely prized descriptive metaphysics over revi- sionary metaphysics and has therefore

Chris Arthur

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James Furner

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Colloquium 1

What is it Plato Calls 'Thinking'?*


'8oi Ttg il ttj 8vavoig, S 10e3-4). What is contemplated (6ewpovpevov) of an intelligible being by dialectical science is merely clearer (cracpicrupov) than what is "contemplated by what we call the arts"(51 lc4-6), i.e., by 8�avo�a (Sl lc7). It is highly improbable that dianoetic thought should not

Tony Smith

the structure deŽned by the category, ‘the expanded form of value’? Of course, most contemporary analytical philosophers do not talk this way. Is that supposed to settle the matter? References Arthur, Chris 1998, ‘Systematic Dialectic’, Science and Society , 62, 3: 447–59. Buchdahl, Gerd 1985


Roland Boer

does religion have in relation to socialism? 2 Modulations of an Anglo-Catholic Dialectic Science and prayer may provide Maynard’s method, but I am interested in how this method works itself out in a reasonably coherent position. This position may be called an ‘Anglo-Catholic dialectic’, which

Pete Green

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