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Author: Kishan Rana

diaspora-related issues are debated threadbare. Special awards have also been instituted to recog- nize outstanding diaspora achievements in diff erent fi elds, thus supporting net- working among the diaspora, reinforcing their identity and strengthening their Indian links. Diplomatic Outreach Th e area

In: The Hague Journal of Diplomacy

Bibliographic entry in Chapter 26: The Multipolar Era: Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama | Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles authorLobell, Steven E.imprintPolitical Science Quarterly 128 (2013): 261-87.annotationLobell examines two moments of diplomatic outreach - that by Great Britain prior to the

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cancellation did not interfere with the overall attempt to restore confidence. In addition to the diplomatic outreach to China and Duterte’s praises of China’s economic significance, Duterte sharpened his foreign policy rhetoric towards the United States ( US ) in the media, displaying a public retreat from

In: European Journal of East Asian Studies

significant flux. Saudi Arabia’s intensified diplomatic outreach to both Russia and China in the wake of U.S. support of President Hosni Mubarak’s ouster in Egypt and the protests in Bahrain sent a clear message that it was willing to recalibrate its orientation toward the East if the U.S. missteps. The

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Nations or the European Union, legally and normatively confounds the range of conflict resolution options available for domestic and international peacemakers. It limits both the field of potential mediators and the use of their most common tools, when they are prevented from engaging in diplomatic

In: International Negotiation
Author: Moritz Pieper

flexibility’. 60 The shift of positions and unprecedented Iranian diplomatic outreach in the fall of 2013 were therefore received with cautious optimism. It should have become clear to all parties involved that insistence on previous positions, which had ultimately led to the failure of talks in 2012, cannot

In: European Journal of East Asian Studies

, which managed to pass a deferral motion against the eu ’s resolution. 2 After a year of intensive diplomatic outreach, the eu prevailed in passing a resolution enhancing the ability of the European Union, now represented by the new eu Delegation rather than eu member states, to be active in the

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an indication that regulating and maintaining foreign commerce was the main motivation and actual drive of any diplomatic outreach. 52 Commercial relations were a key drive for most negotiations of early modern rulers. Consequently, while these two contacts did include improvisation, they also

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Author: Zaur Shiriyev

Nagorno-Karabakh conflict would be subject to international attention. The rhetoric related to strengthening diplomatic outreach specifically manifested in demanding that Armenia withdraw from the occupied territories, as referenced in 4 existing unsc resolutions. The second factor is closely

In: Security and Human Rights
Author: Kim B. Olsen

aligning relevant ministries and government actors behind a clear public support for the Russia sanctions. Diplomatic outreach to specific French companies with interests in the Russian market was likewise a priority, though this engagement lacked stringent practices for co-operating with the heterogeneous

In: The Hague Journal of Diplomacy