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A. Location, tradition, dialects [German source] The Dodecanese (Greek, ‘twelve islands’) is the modern name for a Greek archipelago that extends along the southwestern coast of Asia

in Brill's New Pauly Supplements II Online – Volume 9

. These cases could be further subdivided into individuals born in 1. Ottoman regions later annexed by Greece before the First World War (such as Macedonia), 2. regions of the Ottoman Empire that became part of the Republic of Turkey (such as Izmir, Istanbul, etc.), and 3. the Ottoman Dodecanese islands

In: Journal of Migration History

perceived by the courts. Muslims in Greece do not form a homogenous group, neither on the social or economic level, nor regarding language, national or ethnic identity or legal status. First of all, Muslims of Greek citizenship belonging to the minority of Thrace (and the Dodecanese islands) constitute a

In: Legal Pluralism in Muslim Contexts

, Turkish rendering of the Dodecanese (Dodekanesos, “Twelve Islands”), the greater part of the Southern Sporades archipelago; they are grouped in a north-west to south-east direction in the south-eastern segment of the Aegean along the Turkish coast. The concept and even the

in Encyclopaedia of Islam New Edition Online (EI-2 English)

, dénomination turque du Dodécanèse (Dodekanesos, «Les douze îles»), la plus grande fraction de l’archipel des Sporades Méridionales; elles sont groupées dans une direction Nord-ouest-Sud-est dans la partie sud-orientale de la mer Egée, le long de la cÖte turque. Le concept, et

in Encyclopédie de l'Islam en ligne (EI-2 French)

(autre forme populaire: Rados), nom turc de Rhodes (grec Rhodos, latin Rhodus, fém. dans les deux langues), île et ville portuaire proche de la côte sud-occidentale de la Turquie, possession grecque depuis 1948 et centre administratif du nomos du Dodecanèse [voir On İki Ada

in Encyclopédie de l'Islam en ligne (EI-2 French)

Beginning in the 16th century, the Jewish community of Rhodes was part of the Ottoman Empire for four centuries. As a result the conquest of the Dodecanese, the island was incorporated into the Italian colonial empire in 1912. Thus the experience of the Jews of Rhodes

in Encyclopedia of Jewish History and Cultures Online

Imia Rocks, the public interest nature of territorial sovereignty may be found in the undisputed treaty delimitation of the archipelagic entity of the Dodecanese Islands between Italy and Turkey, 1932, and the Peace Treaty of Paris, 1947. Turkey's subsequent conduct, its signature without reservation

In: The International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law