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Author: René Gründer

germanischen Neuheidentum Deutschlands René Gründer Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg i.Brsg. Institut für Soziologie Abstract Rune Secrets: On the Reception of Esoteric Runic Lore in German neopaganism Based on the findings of an empirical field study, this article explores the question of whether and how

In: Aries
Author: Gerhard Mayer

, no longer be taken for granted. In this regard, the cultural situation of the twenty-first century has changed too much. Keywords Secrecy; Magic; Chaos magick; Postmodernism; Cultural relativism; Empirical field study Magie wird traditionell den so genannten “Geheimwissenschaften” oder “okkulten

In: Aries
Author: Heinz Streib
Changes in the religious landscape present challenges to conceptualization, methodology and empirical research of religion. The volume, Religion inside and outside Traditional Institutions, which includes contributions to the 2nd conference of the International Society for Empirical Research in Theology (ISERT) in Bielefeld, Germany, responds to these contemporary challenges. While the concept of religious praxis is their common theme, they include a focus on deinstitutionalized religion. The contributions in the first part present and discuss a variety of innovative conceptual, paradigmatic and methodological approaches. Distinguished reports from quantitative and qualitative empirical research make up the second part of this volume. Taken together, they may inspire conceptual and methodological discussion and encourage further research in empirical theology. Contributors include: Johannes A. van der Ven, Leslie J. Francis, Hans-Günter Heimbrock, Tobias Kläden, Chris Hermans, Hans Schilderman, Kees de Groot, Don S. Browning, Stefan Huber, Ulrich Feeser-Lichterfeld, Anke Terörde, Angela Kaupp, Astrid Dinter, Carsten Gennerich.

weaken the identities of caste."3 IV Now we may summarise our arguments briefly. Firstly there is considerable exaggeration in the claims that caste is becoming increasingly dominant in Indian politics. While evidence based on empirical field studies is lacking with regard to the alleged political

In: International Journal of Comparative Sociology
Author: Stefan Leder

work offers an amalgamation of some sort of—not well documented—empirical field study and analysis of the scholarly literature available on the subject. The recent Arabic translation of the book confirms the existence of the idea of a comprehensive mapping of the tribal order. 49 The lack of

In: Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient

reviewing the composition of the markets the target groups were finalised, which included providers offering different kinds of goods and services. In the empirical field study of a market it gets difficult if the target group is not finalised as there are different types of vendors who could be stationary

In: Perspectives on Global Development and Technology
Author: Peter Sohlberg

and fairness’ are important ( Ostrom, 1990 : 154). Methodologically, it is interesting that she identifies functional requisites based on empirical field studies and not on thought experiments. From a chronological perspective, Malinowski should be mentioned before Parsons, but in a trajectory

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