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1 Introductory Considerations – a Trilogy of Cases * The influence of EU law on extradition from EU Member States to third States – hereafter referred to as ‘outward extradition’ or simply ‘extradition’ – is a vivid topic, as three cases have reached the ecj for preliminary rulings. 1 This

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early that the eu law forms a ‘new legal order’ of international law. 15 As such it has been attached a special identity separate from international law. This necessarily means that the ‘new legal order’ demonstrates certain properties which are not found in the traditional international legal order

In: Ius Doni in International Law and EU Law
The compatibility of ISDS in Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs) and the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) with the autonomy of EU law
The EU’s participation in international dispute resolution mechanisms presents particular problems owing to its multilevel governance and its autonomy from international and national law. The inclusion of foreign direct investment in the Common Commercial policy in the Treaty of Lisbon, expanded those to investment arbitrations under Member States’ BITs, as the Court of Justice ruled in Achmea. EU Law and International Investment Arbitration, examines the impact of that inclusion beyond Achmea, from the perspectives of international and EU law, to the remaining extra-EU BITs of the Member States and the Energy Charter Treaty.