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Moshe Bernstein

Pentateuch; 4Q158; 4Q364; 4Q365; 4Q365a; 4Q366; 4Q367; excerpted texts; Samaritan Pentateuch * This paper was presented at “Reading Between the Lines: Scripture and Com- munity in the Dead Sea Scrolls. A Sym posium in Honor of James C. VanderKam,” University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Ind., 5–6 March, 2006

Russell Fuller

scholars to be biblical manuscripts rather than excerpted texts, pesharim, or exegetical compositions. With 4QpMic?, scholarly opinion is divided and given that so little of this manuscript has been prese...

Sidnie White Crawford

-206, and "4QDt': Biblical Manuscript or Excerpted Text?" in Of Scribes and Scrolls: Studies on the Hebrew Bible, Intertesta- mental Judaism, and Christian Origins (eds. H. Attridge, J. Collins, T. Tobin; Lanham, MD: University Press, 1990) 13-20 (an article evi- dently unavailable to Ms. Owen). Finally, in


Sidnie White Crawford

Among the manuscripts of the classical literature of ancient Israel 1 discovered in the Qumran caves is a subset of manuscripts that have been described as “excerpted texts.” An “excerptedtext, as its name suggests, contains one or more passages from the classical literature collected on a

Shani Tzoref

this collection is 4QTestimonia . As in his treatment of 4QTanh ̣ umim , Campbell argues that this is more than simply an “excerpted text,” and he describes the exegetical aspects of the work, and particularly the aptness of the label “testimonia” on the basis of the messianic content of its citations

Chaniotis, A., Pleket, H.W., Stroud, R.S. and Strubbe, J.H.M.

). Entries in the commentary, most introduced with excerpted text, provide prosopographical bibliography, cross-references to earlier pages and chapters, citations from LSJ, extensive discussions of the objects listed, including their number, and of the personnel and procedures at the three sanctuary sites

Stephanie Jamison

inserted (along with some corrections of faulty readings from earlier published texts) into the already existing structure. Of the seven newly excerpted texts, the most important, in providing the most and the most new material, are the Paippal ¯ ada Sa ˙ mhit ¯ a of the Atharva Veda (AVP) (k ¯ a ˙ n ˙ das

Stefan Beyerle

and doors of houses would have served as identity markers for Jewish practitioners or particular groups of Jewish believers” (97). Besides this, tefillin and mezuzot provided protection and, consequently, had an apotropaic function. In general, excerpted text gave the user access to divided portions of

Sidnie White Crawford

contains excerpts from Leviticus. 4Q366 is too small to determine its original extent. If these three manuscripts were excerpted texts of some kind (like 4QTestimonia ), would that change Zahn’s analysis of their character? Perhaps not, but it seems a question worth pursuing. The questions I have raised