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1 Introduction The relations between Iran and East Africa are easily demonstrated through the historical impact of Shirazi civilisation on the East African coast, as is compiled here by a survey of published work on the subject. 1 However, some scholars trivialise the important role of

In: Utafiti
Author: Kevin Ward

in East Africa (particularly in Uganda and Rwanda) in the light of revivals in East Asia (particularly China and Korea). Evangelical revival movements in Africa and Asia can sometimes be portrayed as little more than clones of an Anglo-American phenomenon (in this case a tradition going back to the

In: Ecumenism and Independency in World Christianity
Author: Kiarie Kamau

The main aim of this paper is to examine the state of publishing in East Africa. It also attempts to review the situation in Malawi and Zambia, where the author has had practical experience in publishing and marketing. The paper focuses on the growth of the publishing industry in the East African region and how this growth has impacted on access to textbooks and trade publications. It demonstrates that there has been significant growth in the industry, especially in Kenya and Uganda. However, this growth has largely been in the area of publishing of textbooks. Funding for the rollout of curricula in the East African countries has been a blessing to publishers because the funding includes allocations for textbook purchases for both primary and secondary schools. However, this kind of publishing has sounded something of a death knell for the publication of general books such as novels and biographies. The paper also demonstrates that indigenous book-publishing firms have gained a stronger foothold in East Africa in the last ten years and edged out the multinationals. It concludes by indicating that unless the publishing model changes, general publishing will continue to be relegated to the back-burner. At the same time, publishers are challenged to embrace digital publishing, since that is where the future of publishing lies.

In: Logos
Institutional, Substantive and Comparative EU Aspects
East African Community Law provides a comprehensive and open-access text book on EAC law. Written by leading experts, including the president of the EACJ, national judges, academics and practitioners, it provides the most complete overview to date of this increasingly important field. Uniquely, the book also provides a systematic comparison with EU law. EU companion chapters provide concise overviews of EU law and its development, offering valuable inspiration for the application and further development of EAC law.

The book has been written for all practitioners, judges, civil servants, academics and students faced with questions of EAC law. It discusses institutional, substantive and jurisdictional issues, including the nature of EAC law, free movement and competition law as well as the reception of EAC law in Partner States.

ZooBank: Introduction The Acrometopini Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1878 are a well defined group of Phaneropterinae and contain several genera with a centre of diversity in East Africa. Especially within the genus Horatosphaga there

In: Insect Systematics & Evolution
Author: Brendon Briggs

… 1 Representing Africa: Creating the West’s African Character The focus of this chapter is my creative, practice-based, doctoral project, East African Stories of Love: Challenging perspectives , based at Murdoch University, Australia. The project involved the creation of an ensemble narrative of

In: Storytelling: Global Reflections on Narrative
Missionary Archives - Africa
East Africa

The importance of missionary archives as a primary resource continues to grow as their value for the study of a variety of scholarly disciplines and subjects becomes ever more widely recognized. This collection lists 19th and 20th century archive materials relating to Africa, south of Sahara, and to Madagascar and Mauritius. There are large sections on Southern, Central and West Africa and lesser amounts on Eastern and Western Central Africa.

This collection is also included in the Missionary Archives - Africa collection.