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Gideon Grafi

in brackets. Epigenetic control of chromatin structure and function The genetic information in eukaryotes is assembled with proteins to generate the so-called chromatin. The basic building block of chromatin is the nucleosome, in which DNA is wrapped around a histone octamer composed of two of each


, P.U., Willing, R., and Yom-Tov, Y. Epigenetic dental variability ofIsraeli hares (Lepus sp.): ecogenetic or phylogenetic causation? J. Zool. (Lond.), in press. Leary, R.F., Allendorf, F.W., and Knudsen, K.L. 1985. Developmental instability and highmeristic counts in interspecific hybrids of

Ian G. Jamieson

PROVISIONING BEHAVIOUR IN A COMMUNAL BREEDER: AN EPIGENETIC APPROACH TO THE STUDY OF INDIVIDUAL VARIATION IN BEHAVIOUR by IAN G. JAMIESON1)2) (Department of Zoology, University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand) (with 6 Figures) (Acc. 24-VIII-1987) Introduction Variation in the amount of

Brian K. Hall

GENETIC AND EPIGENETIC CONTROL OF VERTEBRATE EMBRYONIC DEVELOPMENT by BRIAN K. HALL Department of Biology, Life Sciences Center, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada B3H 4J1 SUMMARY In this overview, I provide a brief history of preformation (unfolding) and epigenesis (gradual

William deJong-Lambert

,” Loren Graham’s, Lysenko’s Ghost: Epigenetics and Russia , could not be more timely. By way of brief recap, the peasant agronomist Trofim D. Lysenko rose to prominence in Soviet biology amidst the collectivization campaigns of Joseph Stalin during the 1930s. The most prominent feature of Lysenko

Ton G.G. Groothuis, Jaap M. Koolhaas, Piet J. Drent and Claudio Carere

Epigenetic effects on personality traits: early food provisioning and sibling competition Claudio Carere 1,2) , Piet J. Drent 3) , Jaap M. Koolhaas 4) & Ton G.G. Groothuis 1,5) ( 1 Department of Animal Behaviour, University of Groningen, The Netherlands; 2 Center for Cellular and Molecular

Khalil Kashkush

and flanked by diverse classes of modified, highly repetitive DNA. Genome37: 565-576. Chen, Z.J, Pikaard, C. S. 1997a. Epigenetic silencing of RNA polymerase I transcription: a role for DNA methylation and histone modification in nucleolar dominance. Genes Dev.11: 2124-2136. Chen, Z