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and in the end persuaded the British to throw in the towel. But without a doubt, the Arab Revolt had, physically and psychologically, paved the way for Ernest Bevin’s declaration in February 1947 that Britain had decided to stop shouldering the burden and to hand the Palestine Mandate back to the

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desperately to hold on to every single seat in the Commons. Its candidate for Whitechapel was a member of the executive of the Transport and General Workers Union ( tgwu ), whose 25 mp s were controlled by Ernest Bevin, the head of the Union. Bevin’s influence inside the party was growing, and the new

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Bibliographic entry in Chapter 12: The United States, Europe, and Asia between the World Wars | Biographical Studies authorReynolds, DavidimprintInternational History Review 4 (August 1982): 393-413.annotationBritish Labor Party leaders, such as Minister of Labor Ernest Bevin and political theorist

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zone-a fact further encouraged by British government spokesmen such as Ernest Bevin after the second World War. Despite these British colonial attitudes to the Somalis, as with other African peoples, they mirrored ambivalence thus perceiving them as people with sterling qualities and equally

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, Baylis provides a history of the genesis of NATO focusing narrowly on the British role and asserting that British initiatives—especially those of Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin—were decisive.keywords...

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Bibliographic entry in Chapter 14: The United States and the Early Cold War, 1945-1961 | Regional and Bilateral Studies authorYoung, John W.imprintLeicester: Leicester University Press, 1984.annotationYoung examines U.K.-French differences on the issue of European unity. Foreign Secretary Ernest

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brainchild of Ernest Bevin to maintain the United Kingdom as a great power and, he believed, offer guidance to a more naïve American foreign policy. He was relatively successful in Europe, much less so in...

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State from Hull to Acheson" (38-64); Steven Merritt Miner, "His Master's Voice: Viacheslav Mikhailovich Molotov as Stalin's Foreign Commissar" (65-100); Geoffrey Warner, "Ernest Bevin and British Fore...

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