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International Negotiation 4: 133–166, 1999. © 1999 Kluwer Law International. Printed in the Netherlands. 133 Differentiation, Leaders, and Fairness: Negotiating Climate Commitments in the European Community LASSE RINGIUS Center for International Climate and Environmental Research-Oslo (CICERO

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Essays on Lesbian and Gay Rights in European Law and Policy
Homosexuality: A European Community Issue is a groundbreaking study of the situation of lesbians and gay men in the European Community and how this will be affected by the evolution of the EC into the European Union. It provides a cogent analysis of the social, legal and economic discrimination against homosexual men and women, their organisations and businesses. Twelve authors from different academic backgrounds investigate if, where, and how the European Community institutions are competent to combat discrimination against lesbians and gay men. The authors deal extensively with many policy areas in which the EC plays a prominent role, such as sex equality, free movement of persons, goods and services, employment and family policy.
Homosexuality: A European Community Issue is the first comprehensive study into this rapidly developing area of policy making. This eminently readable volume will serve as an indispensable reference book for academics, activists and policy makers for many years to come. An index of relevant legislation, case-law and extensive cross-referencing guarantee it will be of great practical use to anyone interested in lesbian and gay rights in the European Community.
Immigration law continues to be an issue of substantial interest in the European Union. The institutions and the Member States are formulating the type of immigration law which the Union will have following the substantial move of competence in the field from Member State level to the Union with the amendments to the EC Treaty introduced by the Treaty of Amsterdam in 1999. This is a particularly important period within which to take stock of the existing immigration law of the European Union and how it has been developed. In order to understand the current law and lay the foundations for the future, a historical analysis of the development of European Union immigration law is needed.
This volume charts the development of European Community immigration law from the conclusion of the EEC Treaty to the present day, first focussing on the development of the law relating to Community nationals and their third country national dependents, then looking at the extension of Community immigration law to third country nationals through agreements between their states of origin and the EC. Special attention is given to the rights of Turkish workers under the agreement between Turkey and the EC and the possibilities of residence and economic activity for nationals of the Central and Eastern European countries under the Europe Agreements. The centre of analysis of this book is the individual migrant: what are the rights and duties of the individual and what is his or her relationship of rights on the one hand with the Member State and on the other hand with the European Community? This book examines the structure and content of European Community immigration law from the perspective of the individual most closely affected by that law.
A Spanish Perspective
This work offers a Spanish perspective on contemporary practice in international law and European Community law by genuine practitioners such as registrars, judges and magistrates serving on national and international courts, as well as advocates practicing in these courts, senior international officials, government advisers and academics. In five parts this book deals with the practice in international courts; practice in international organizations; the European Community practice and; Spanish practice in matters of public and private international law. The last part contains an article on evidence in international practice and a general overview for further research. The book offers a very useful insight in matters otherwise available in Spanish, such as the applications against Spain lodged with the European Court of Human Rights, a comparison between the Spanish Constitutional Court and the Court of Justice of the European Communities, public international law before Spanish domestic courts and the Spanish practice on investment treaties.

might ask, should this issue be studied as part of an analysis of the institution of bilateral summitry? Apart from it being clearly an important issue in its own right, the dispute between the British government and its European Community ( ec ) partners was of a sufficient duration to be able to

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43 Current Legal Developments European Communities EEC activities in the field of estuarine and coastal waters since 1 January 1985 1. Prevention of the pollution of the sea (A) Dumping of waste at sea The Commission recently submitted to the Council a proposal for a directive on the dumping of

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65 SELECTED LEGISLATION AND JURISPRUDENCE EUROPEAN COMMUNITY Court of Justice of the EC Nr. CJEC 1995/1 Case C-315/92, Verband Sozialer Wettbewerb eV v. Clin- ique Laboratories SNC and Others, 2 February 1994, Proceedings of the Court of Justice and the Court of First Instance, No. 4-94, pp. 4

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191 European Communities Proposal for a Directive on Dumping of Waste at Sea The Commission Proposal for a Council Directive on Dumping of Waste at Sea submitted to the Council on 13 August 1985 and noted at (1986) 1 IJECL 43 above, is reproduced here as Appendix 1. A legal basis for this

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workforce, in terms of their numbers and skills, assigned by his predecessor to the performance of the contract. Costs 24. The costs incurred by the Belgian, French, German and United Kingdom Governments and the Commission of the European Communities, which have submitted observations to the Court, are not

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