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Author: Jonathan Brown

forgeries. It is thus surprising that even after ḥadīth scholars had sifted sound ḥadīths from weak, mainstream Sunni Islam allowed the use of unreliable ḥadīths as evidence in subjects considered outside of the core areas of law. is majority stance, however, did not displace minority schools of thought

In: Islamic Law and Society

Act of fabricating or producing falsely. Forgery is connoted in several qurʾānic concepts. Re-writing sacred scripture, either the Qurʾān or the scriptures of the Jews and Christians, is covered by two Arabic terms (taḥrīf, tabdīltabdīl ii, 243a ii, 243b iv, 450a iv, 450b v, 317b ). These or their

In: Encyclopaedia of the Qur'ān Online

See Forgery...

[German version] [German version] Forgery constitutes a subcategory within the field of reproductions of artworks by hand, where forgery itself, however, in the form of an ultimate (deceitful) intention, need not be involved. The gap between authentic and non-authentic products depends to a large

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Author: Lehr, Thomas

The modern term refers to a historical witness that the standards of modern textual criticism suspect of being spurious, i.e. of belonging to a later period in history based on its appearance, use of words, and information about date and author. Historical forgeries were frequent in the early