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Author: Rudolf Pesch

Part of Form Criticism: 1. Form Criticism 2. Genus Litterarium Contemporary scientific views on the literature of the Old and New Testaments are to a large extent based on the results of the form criticism of our own century. This state of affairs makes it incumbent upon all who intend to adopt a

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on the insights of memory research, the following discus- sion will not seek to peer ‘behind’ the text, but rather embraces the text itself as a historical document of the memory of Jesus. Additionally, new genre theories necessitate a shift in the application of form criticism to the par- able genre

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Part of Form Criticism: 1. Form Criticism 2. Genus Litterarium 1. Definition. The problem of the genus litterarium of a writing is not confined to biblical exegesis. In French literature, for example, in the 17th and 18th centuries, the theory of the genres littéraires and of the distinctions

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Author: S. Van Tilborg

A FORM-CRITICISM OF THE LORD'S PRAYER BY S. VAN TILBORG Arnhem In the modern research of the form-criticism of the Lord's Prayer the article of M. D. GOULDER 1) plays a role of importance. It is fascinating to become acquainted with an interpretation, which has tried to take into account the

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Author: Roy F. Melugin

DEUTERO-ISAIAH AND FORM CRITICISM1) BY ROY F. MELUGIN Sherman, Texas I In a recent Presidential Address to the Society of Biblical Literature James MUILENBURG presented his views on the present state and the future of form critical methodology.2) He praised the method for its contributions to

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FORM CRITICISM AND THE ORAL LAW BY JOSEPH M. BAUMGARTEN Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A. In my paper 1) "The Unwritten Law in the Pre-Rabbinic Period" I pointed out that the question of the antiquity and the scope of the restrictions on writing balakbot was one on which sharply divergent opinions

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A STUDY IN THE FORM CRITICISM OF INDIVIDUAL COMPLAINT PSALMS BY JOHN WM. WEVERS Toronto It is by now a dictum of Psalter studies that an investigation of literary patterns is basic to progress in these studies. GUNKEL'S pioneer work 1) has determined the substructure upon which sub- sequent

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