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; (c) identifying the most vulnerable Italian populations of the species. Literature and field data were utilized as presence records. Six modelling procedures (BIOCLIM, DOMAIN, ENFA, GAM, GLM, and MAXENT) were adopted. The species climatic requirements were defined using the WorldClim databank for

In: Amphibia-Reptilia
Author: Gam Seng Shae

THE QUESTION ON THE AUTHORITY OF JESUS BY GAM SENG SHAE Kalimantan, Indonesia Exegesis of Mark 11: 27-33 * 1. TEXT CRITICISM There are a few textual variants in this pericope. However, none of them presents any serious challenge to the reliability of the text as it appears in Nestle and Aland

In: Novum Testamentum

-analysis or by the trapping of individual bats. The probability of errors in this study should, however, be significantly reduced by pooling Pipistrellus spp. and Myotis spp. into genera. Statistics All statistics were programmed in R (R Core Team, 2013). Generalised Additive Models (GAM) were applied

In: Animal Biology
Author: Bidisha Biswas

necessary for resolving protracted ethnonational confl icts. Keywords Mediation, reputation, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, terrorist groups, intervention, GAM, LTTE, civil confl icts, confl ict Since the end of the Cold War, the number and intensity of armed confl icts worldwide have declined signifi cantly. In

In: International Negotiation

titleShaydā - az ğam-e ‘ešq-e togenre/topicTasnif in Dastgāh-e Segāhlanguage performer‘Abdollāh DavāmiinstrumentVoice composer author/poetShaydā first line of poem az ğam-e ‘ešq-e to, ey sanamrecorded by place of recording date of recording duration2:13sourceQajar Tasnifs. Mahoor Institute of

In: Encyclopaedia Iranica Online
Festschrift for Professor T.A. Birrell on the Occasion of his Sixtieth Birthday
Volume Editors: G.A.M. Janssens and F.G.A.M. Aarts

ALFRED BAMMESBERGER T H E O P T A T I V E O F T H E S A N S K R I T R O O T A O R I S T G A M - \[Skt. gam-ya, and gam-~- can both be interpreted as ultimately reflecting the optative paradigm IE *gwm-yd-/gwm-b. But the weak alternant underwent considerable analogical reworking. There is no

In: Indo-Iranian Journal
In: Les hymnes pascales d'Ephrem de Nisibe
In: Les hymnes pascales d'Ephrem de Nisibe
In: Les hymnes pascales d'Ephrem de Nisibe