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John M. Cinnamon

Introduction Echoing Walter Rodney, 1 Gabonese historian, Nicolas Metegue N’Nah, has argued that during the slave trade, the equatorial African region that became Gabon was doubly afflicted, demographically and culturally. Demographically, in this region of low population density, the slave

Bernard Clist

Evidence of human occupation reaching back to 40,000 years ago in North-West Gabon has been identified. A paleo-environmental study coupled with archaeological research show that forests have been present for at least 6,000 to 9,000 years and therefore the last hunter-gatherers and early villagers lived in a forest environment. This case study presents the oldest direct evidence linking human settlements with a forest environment lasting several millennia for Gabon and the forested part of Central Africa.

James Carleton Paget

learned the relevant languages. Although he wrote widely read books about his work in the Gabon, he never undertook anthropological study of the lives of the people among whom he lived and worked as other missionaries did, and he appears not to have been interested in medical research based on his work as

Mbiti, John

Gabon straddles the equator on the west coast of central Africa. It is bounded on the north by Cameroon, on the east and south by Congo (Brazzaville), and on the north and west by Equatorial Guinea. Its population includes about 68 distinct ethnic groups, the largest being the Bantu family (esp

Grace N. Mburu

include the Christian Alliance Church, the Assembly of God, and Seventh-day Adventists who mostly reside in the far northern regions of Gabon. Some Christians incorporate elements of traditional religions...


Douglas Yates

Gabon Emergent programme. Domestic Politics In January, President Ali Bongo started the year by distancing himself from his powerful former cabinet director Maixent Accrombessi , whose corrupt system of clientelism had become something of an embarrassment. Victim of a cerebral vascular attack a few

Cornevin, R.

, préférèrent s’installer au Gabon où, pour la plupart, ils se livrèrent au commerce dans l’Ogoué, le Ngounié ou le Fernan Vaz. Ils épousaient des Gabonaises qui demeuraient chrétiennes, et leurs enfants fréquentaient le plus souvent l’école catholique de la mission Sainte Marie.

Spindler, Marc R.

[German Version] was a French colony until Independence Day, Aug 17, 1960. The Gabonese Republic is ruled by a presidential system, since 1967 under President Omar Bongo. The official language is French but vernaculars such as Fang, Myene, Bateke, Bapounou, Bandjabi are used too. Gabon has an area


Douglas Yates

PDG , ‘Heritage and Modernity’. On 31 March 2016, Nzouba Ndama resigned as president of the National Assembly. His new party remained a member of Gabon’s opposition ‘Coalition pour la Nouvelle République’ ( CNR ), but he personally lost his constituency, despite its small size and his considerable

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(average annualgrowth rate): -2,5 % (1990-95) Foreign debt: $4 492 mn (1995); as % of GNP: 1 19 % Development aid: $143 mn (1995); as % of GNP: 4 % Comments: With its small population, Gabon rates among the highest income per capita economies in Africa. In addition to oil (the main export), the country