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Author: Robert Dostal

In the volume in the series Library of Living Philosophers dedicated to Gadamer, David Detmer contributes an essay simply titled: “Gadamer’s Critique of the Enlightenment.” Detmer writes of Gadamer’s “radical anti-Enlightenment views.” 1 Gadamer responds by writing: It is extremely

In: Research in Phenomenology
Author: Mark J. Thomas

propose to turn to Hans-Georg Gadamer to answer these questions by constructing the outlines of a hermeneutics of early music performance. In fact, Gadamer’s philosophy is tailor-made for the problem: one of his central concerns is the interpretation of works distant from us in time, and his aesthetics

In: Research in Phenomenology
Author: David Vessey

Introduction Hans-Georg Gadamer is well known for his claim that when we properly read texts we engage in dialogue with those texts. He acknowledges the obvious point that dialogues with texts are different from dialogues with other persons, but interpreting texts still warrants being called

In: Journal of the Philosophy of History