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stele landscape in Gedeo, south Ethiopia. There is an increasing interest to explore monumentality from practice-based and agency-based perspectives (e.g. Sassaman & Randall 2012; Thomas 2013; Fisher 2014; Mathews 2014; Osborne 2014). Limited scientific research has been conducted on the megalithic

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exploring the daily, working and spatial lives of disadvantaged children in two peasant associations2 in Gedeo, southern Ethiopia. The research examines how, in the contexts of AIDS and deepening rural poverty, children negotiate their socio-spatial lives through the various livelihood strategies they

In: Not Just a Victim: The Child as Catalyst and Witness of Contemporary Africa

Smelting Site at Ile-Ife, Southwest Nigeria 40–56 Ademakinwa George Oni, Martins Olusola Olorunfemi, Benjamin Adisa Ogunfolakan and Michael Olajide Okunubi New Dates for Megalithic Stele Monuments of Gedeo, South Ethiopia 57–82 Ashenafi G. Zena, Andrew I. Duff, Addisalem Melesse, John A. Wolff

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In: Journal of African Archaeology
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, 191, 222, 223, 241, 342, 359, 364 Fuamulaku, 198, 199 Ge-ez, see Fidäl Gedeo, 193 German, 4, 75, 100, 114, 223, 248 gibberish, 85, 319 Greater K’iche’an, see also K’iche’, 135, 141 LANGUAGE (GROUP) AND SCRIPT INDEX Greater Mamean, see also Mam, 141, 144 Greek, 78, 85–90, 180, 181, 188, 208–212, 214

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. The Council of Nationa- lities' list of members (see Table 1) shows that six ethnic groups have more than one representative: the Sidama (3), the Gurage (2), the Wolayita (2), the Gedeo (2), the Hadiya (2) and the Garno (2). Thus the Southern constitution guarantees the representation of all

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show that SR marking is only attested in four languages of this branch, all of them members of the Highland East Cushitic (HEC) sub-group. The HEC languages include Kambaata-Alaaba -K’abeena, Hadiyya -Libido, Sidaama , Gedeo and Burji, of which only the languages in italics have SR marking on

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kilometres south of Addis Ababa. Situated between the Rift Valley lakes of Awassa and Abaya, the Sidama adjoin the Arsi Oromo to the north, the Guji-Oromo and Gedeo to the south, and the Jamjam to the east. The Wolayta land and people are located west of Sidama, and the current administrative centre of

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. The Sidaama land is located in the North Eastern part of the South Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Regional State (SNNPRS) and bounded by Oromia in the North, East and South East, with Gedeo Zone in the South and Wolaita Zone in the West (SZF and EDD 2015). The Great East African rift valley

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Semitohamitistenkongresses Berlin 2004. Aachen, 2007. Pp. 449–480. Abbreviations of Languages, Language Groups and Dialects Akk. Akkadian Amh. Amharic Arb. Arabic Arg. Argobba Bil. Bilin Bur. Burji Čah. Čaha Ǝnd. Ǝndägañ Ǝnm. Ǝnnämor ES Ethio-Semitic Gaf. Gafat Ged. Gedeo Gez. Gəʕəz Gog. Gogot Gur. Gurage Gyt. Gyeto Had

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system escalates inter-ethnic conflicts in the country ( Daniel, 2003 ). The previously peaceful ethnic groups such as Guji and Gedeo ( Asebe, 2007 ), Silti and Gurage ( Smith, 2007 ), and Berta and Gumuz ( Asnake, 2009 ) engaged in ethnic conflict after the introduction of ethnic federalism. Moreover

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