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Matthew Twigg

-claims in texts and discourses which have thus far proven immune to scholarly analysis. One such text is the Gospel of Philip , the third text of Nag Hammadi Codex  II . An extraordinarily complex and confusing piece of writing in terms of its meaning(s), structure, origins, and redaction history, 4

A.H.C. Van Eijk

THE GOSPEL OF PHILIP AND CLEMENT OF ALEXANDRIA GNOSTIC AND ECCLESIASTICAL THEOLOGY ON THE RESURRECTION AND THE EUCHARIST BY A. H. C. VAN EIJK It is the purpose* of this article to study in more detail than has been done the parallelism between saying 23 of the Gospel of Philip (Codex III Nag

Robert M. Grant

THE MYSTERY OF MARRIAGE IN THE GOSPEL OF PHILIP BY ROBERT M. GRANT In the Old Testament one of the most striking analogies provided to the relation of God with Israel is derived from human marriage. This analogy does not come as a complete surprise when one recalls the importance of marriage in

Jeffrey S. Siker

GNOSTIC VIEWS ON JEWS AND CHRISTIANS IN THE GOSPEL OF PHILIP by JEFFREY S. SIKER Los Angeles, CA Let me begin with a disclaimer of sorts regarding the scope of this study. I became intrigued with the Gospel of Philip while resear- ching second-century Christian disputes with Judaism evidenced

John D. Turner

In this revised 2007 Bergen dissertation, Hugo Lundhaug offers a study of two Nag Hammadi texts, the Exegesis on the Soul and the Gospel of Philip , using a new approach that takes into consideration recent critiques of the use of the term “Gnosticism” as a meaningful heuristic category

Bas van Os

marriage with The Gospel of Philip, where it looks like counterarguments are being made. Rhetorical Analysis To interpret texts, classical rhetorical criticism uses an analytical framework that derives from works on rhetoric by Greco-Roman authors. 10 George Kennedy suggests that the interpreter


Craig A. Evans, Robert L. Webb and Richard A. Wiebe