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James Strzok S.J.

, deserts, lakes, and rivers are in large part interrelated with the Great Rift Valley. Under the African Plate, the tectonic plate on which the continent rests, huge convection currents of molten magma arise from the depths of the earth’s interior, relentlessly expanding the continent’s crust, and thereby

Ross, Kenneth

[German Version] Malawi, formerly Nyasaland, lies at the southern end of the Great Rift Valley, bordering Zambia to the west, Tanzania to the north, and Mozambique to the east and south. The population comprises predominantly Mang'anja and Yao in the south, Chewa in the center, and Tambuka and

Byaruhanga-Akiiki, A. B. T.

1.1. The Republic of Uganda lies on the equator on an elevated plateau between the eastern and western branches of the Great Rift Valley, with mountains soaring to 5,119 m. (16,795 ft.) toward its southwest border. It is landlocked and shares borders with Kenya on the east, Democratic Republic of

Ludwig, Frieder

[German Version] (27,834 km2) is situated in what is known as the interlake area of the central African Great Rift Valley just south of the equator. The name derives from the kingdom of Urundi, whose dynasty dates back to the 17th century. 82.9% of the approx. 6.6 million inhabitants are Hutu, 14

Ross, K.

Malawi, früher Nyasaland, liegt am südlichen Ende des Great Rift Valley, angrenzend an Sambia im Westen, Tansania im Norden und Moçambique im Osten und Süden. Die Bevölkerung besteht überwiegend aus Mang'anja und Yao im Süden, Chewa im Zentrum und Tumbuka und Ngoni im Norden. Außerdem gibt es

YAHYA ALI OMAR and P.J.L. Frankl

Swahili people and their dependents. Only in recent times has a simplified version of the coastal language penetrated the ethnic groups of the interior- initially a transient experience, eventually a permanent presence as far west as the Great Rift Valley lakes and, indeed, beyond. Muslim communities in

Myriam Freund, Ofer Bahat and Uzi Motro

last decade, a substantial part of the breeding population was concentrated at Gamla Nature Reserve in the Golan Heights ( Court et al. 1997, Becker et al. 2005, Hatzofe 2012 ). Study Area Gamla Nature Reserve is situated on the eastern slopes of the Great Rift Valley. The area is mostly characterized

Andrzej Polus and Wojciech Tycholiz

-scale production phase being a few years ahead. After the first promising discoveries, industry insiders have started labelling East Africa as an “underdeveloped” and “overlooked” hydrocarbons hub (The Economist, 2012). Geologists have pointed out that East Africa’s Great Rift Valley, which stretches from the Red

Oliver Bakewell

,000 years ago from their roots in the Great Rift Valley. Th e second is the Bantu expansion from West Africa to the east and south of the continent, which started about 5,000 years ago. He describes the third stream as the ‘trading diaspora’, with people moving to Europe, the Middle East and Asia as traders

Philipp Wagner, Adam Leaché, Tomáš Mazuch and Wolfgang Böhme

environmental differences ranging from arid and semi-arid lowland habitats to mountain rainforests resulting from uplifting through the formation of the Great Rift Valley, and (2) elevational gradients extending from sea level to 4500 m in Ethiopia. These factors are hypothesized to have driven high species