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Asian Journal of Social Science 37 (2009) 623–645 © Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2009 DOI: 10.1163/156853109X460219 Th e Quest for Hizbut Tahrir in Indonesia Burhanuddin Muhtadi Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University Abstract Th is article describes the nature of Hizbut

In: Asian Journal of Social Science
Author: Moch Nur Ichwan

analyses the influence of a number of movements— Shia , Ikhwanul Muslimin , Hizbut Tahrir , Salafi , and Hizmet —in the formation from 1970s–2010s of the so-called “Campus Islam”. Interrogating how these movements responded to the Arab Spring, he argues that the discourse has been influenced by the way

Author: Wai Weng Hew

is fun, interactive, and down-to-earth, yet the religious messages he delivers is ultra-conservative and dogmatic. He is a staunch supporter of Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia ( HTI ), a transnational Islamist movement aiming to establish a Caliphate, which was banned by the Indonesian government in 2017. 3

In: Asian Journal of Social Science
Author: Sintija Šmite

other religious organizations. Two representatives of HizbutTahrir were also interviewed and five madrassahs were visited. For the methodology a triangular method of analyzing information was used. The fieldwork for the interviews in Osh city and Jalal in the Abad and Batken Sintija Šmite

In: Security and Human Rights

Islamic movement Hizbut-Tahrir, offered a vigorous denunciation of the ballot: ‘Democratic elections are intended to hijack the public … elections are to legitimize oppression… Do not plunge into democratic kufr.’ 1 Equally vivid in tone was the discussion in some mosques at the coast, where speakers

In: Islamic Africa
Author: Eva F. Nisa

religious teachers and movements – most of whom are members of the Tarbiyah movement, Salafism, 4 and Hizbut Tahrir (Party of Liberation) Indonesia 5 – but also key players in Instagram daʿwa activities. Instagram has become popular, especially among youth, who are eager to accentuate their performance

In: Asiascape: Digital Asia
Author: Broto Wardoyo

Salafi-modernist network led by Bachtiar Nasir, the Islamic Defender Front or Front Pembela Islam ( fpi ), the Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia ( hti ), the Islamic Community Forum or Forum Umat Islam ( fui ) led by Muhammad al-Khaththath, and various majelis dzikir behind it ( ipac 2019), the goal was

In: Bandung

Farah Deeba Chowdhury Th e Quest for Hizbut Tahrir in Indonesia 623 Burhanuddin Muhtadi ‘. . . And the Truth Shall Set You Free’: Confessional Trade-Off s and Community Reconciliation in East Timor 646 Ben Larke Kinship, Ethnic Segregation and Multiculturalism in Singapore: A Relational Study 677 Vincent

In: Asian Journal of Social Science
Author: Siobhan Holohan

violently and you know strongly against groups like Hizbut-Tahrir [. . .]. So I’d say yeah there have been three phases in the last 20 years, from ignorance, to a sort of uncritical and rather patronising welcome, and now to a more critical but less patronising view. national press producer This

In: Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication

the brunt of this theological othering. Fierce theological contentions also occur among different Muslim groups in Indonesia, such as the traditionalists, the modernists, the Salafists, the Tarbiyyah movement, and the Hizbut Tahrir. Christian and Hindu theologies are harassed from time to time. 2

In: International Journal of Asian Christianity