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Esther Van den Berg, Louwrens R. Tiedt, Gracia Liébanas, John J. Chitambar, Jason D. Stanley, Renato N. Inserra, Pablo Castillo and Sergei A. Subbotin


Hemicycliophora presently contains 132 valid species of sheath nematodes. Within several samples obtained from surveys in Canada, South Africa, Spain and the USA, we distinguished six valid and six putative unidentified species by integrating the results of morphological and molecular analyses. Valid species included: H. californica, H. gracilis, H. parvana, H. poranga, H. raskii, and H. signata. The putative unidentified species were indicated as Hemicycliophora sp. 10, sp. 12, sp. 15, sp. 16, sp. 17, and sp. 18. Two new species of sheath nematodes from Spain and the USA were described and named as H. onubensis sp. n. and H. robbinsi sp. n., respectively. Hemicycliophora wyei is proposed as a junior synonym of H. parvana and H. ripa is proposed as a junior synonym of H. poranga. Eighteen valid and 13 unidentified species of sheath nematodes were characterised using the partial COI mtDNA gene. A total of 94 new sequences of which 77 were for the COI mtDNA gene were obtained in this study. Phylogenetic relationships within Hemicycliophora, using the D2-D3 expansion segments of 28S rDNA, ITS rRNA and COI gene sequences, are presented as inferred from Bayesian analysis.