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Oral and Written Transmission of Pharmacological Knowledge in Fifth- and Fourth-Century Greece
Hippocratic Recipes is the first extended study of the pharmacological recipes included in the Hippocratic Corpus. The recipes, found mostly in the gynaecological and nosological treatises, are here examined both from a philological and a sociocultural point of view. Drawing on studies in the fields of classics, social history of medicine, and anthropology, this book offers new insights into the production and use of pharmacological knowledge in the classical world. In particular, it assesses the deep interactions between oral and written traditions in the transmission of this knowledge. Recipes are addressed as texts, but the existence of ‘missing links’ in the written tradition are acknowledged.
Author: Hynek Bartoš

Hippocratic medicine has been characterized as ‘holistic’ since antiquity. As early as Plato, a contemporary of Hippocrates and most of the Hippocratic authors, we find mention of this specific feature of Hippocrates’ method. In a discussion in the Phaedrus about the best possible way in which

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In: Holism in Ancient Medicine and Its Reception
Hippocratic Lives and Legends examines the ideal of the ancient physician and processes of biographical fiction that shaped the legend of Hippocrates. Focusing on three stories in particular — how Hippocrates cured the plague, Hippocrates' detection of King Perdiccas' lovesickness, and Hippocrates' refusal to serve Artaxerxes, King of Persia — J.R. Pinault traces the development of these legends from their Hellenistic origins to the end of antiquity and into the Islamic world. In addition, Hippocrates Lives and Legends will prove a useful reference work. J.R. Pinault brings together in a convenient format the classical biographies of Hippocrates and the principal Arabic lives, translated here for the first time. Each text is discussed in detail, and the Greek and Latin texts of the classical lives are made available in the appendices.
Papers Presented at the XIIIth International Hippocrates Colloquium, Austin, Texas, August 2008 
In Ancient Concepts of the Hippocratic, Lesley Dean-Jones and Ralph Rosen have gathered 19 international authorities in ancient medicine to identify commonalities among the treatises of the Hippocratic Corpus which led scholars of antiquity to group them under the single name of Hippocrates. Most recent scholarship has drawn attention to the divergences between individual treatises and groups of treatises, emphasizing the agonistic facet of the ancient medical profession. In contrast, in this volume contributors look to find points of agreement between the writings that go beyond claims of rationality. Topics considered include ontological claims about the discipline of medicine itself, the view of the patient as a perceiving unity, theories on the function of glands and the importance of regimen.