Nicole Lee

Canadian artists David Lam, Carrie Koo, Paul Chui, and Josh Hon. Howie Tsui: Retainers of Anarchy presented a kinetic sculpture and a 25-metre scroll-like video installation inspired by a genre of martial arts fiction known as mou hap , which often uses the Song dynasty (960–1279 ce ) as a historical

Victoria Nolte

10 June 2011 artist Howie Tsui performed Celestials of Saltwater City at the Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art (Centre A). A multimedia installation combining live narration, slide projections, and music, Celestials of Saltwater City compiles oral histories from residents

Racialization and the Logic of Settler Colonial Capitalism  209 Szu Shen Pacific Crossings and Howie Tsui: Retainers of Anarchy  213 Nicole Lee Jinny Yu: Don’t They Ever Stop Migrating?  217 Ming Tiampo Yong Soon Min: avm: After Venus

Glenn Deer, Christopher Lee and Marissa Largo

parts of human bodies: lips, torsos, stomachs, suggesting the way people are cut up for commercial purposes in contemporary capitalist culture.” A critical minor transnational perspective on visual disruption and “rupture” circulates in the work of Victoria Nolte, who considers Howie Tsui’s multimedia