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D. Jason Slone and Harmon-Vukić

© Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2009 DOI: 10.1163/156853709X414638 Journal of Cognition and Culture 9 (2009) 57–68 Th e Eff ect of Integration on Recall of Counterintuitive Stories M. E. Harmon-Vukić a, * D. Jason Slone b a Department of Psychology, Providence College, 1 Cunningham

Margarita Costa

Hobbes Studies 24 (2011) 15–23 © Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2011 DOI 10.1163/187502511X563790 Language as a Factor of Integration or Segregation in Modern States Margarita Costa Member of the Center for Philosophical Research (CIF) Retired as Full Professor of Modern Philosophy

Joseph Marko

International Journal on Minority and Group Rights 17 (2010) 375–381 © Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2010 DOI 10.1163/157181110X496141 Recent Books on Human Rights and Groups Review Essay S. Choudhry (ed.), Constitutional Design for Divided Societies. Integration or Accommodation

Victoria Daskalova

: globalization and integration. Considering EU integration, we have selected three contributions which present specifijic angles on this theme: the free movement of highly educated persons within the EU, the possible clash between EU migration rules and international obligations related to minority protection

From Isolation towards Integration

The Surinam Maroons and Their Colonial Rulers. Official Documents Relating to the Djukas (1845-1863)

Silvia W. de Groot

From Isolation towards Integration was originally published in Dutch as Volume 41 (1963) in the series Verhandelingen van het Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde.

Regional Integration in Africa

What Role for South Africa?


Edited by André Mbata Mangu

In Regional Integration in Africa: What Role for South Africa, Henri Bah, Zondi Siphamandla and Andre Mbata Mangu reflect on African integration and the contribution of post-apartheid South Africa. From their different scientific background, they demonstrate that despite some progress made under the African Union that superseded the Organisation of African Unity, Africa is still lagging behind in terms of regional integration and South Africa, which benefitted from the rest of the continent in her struggle against apartheid, has not as yet played a major role in this process. Apart from contributing to advancing knowledge, the book should be a recommended read for all those interested in African regional integration and the relationships between Africa and post-apartheid South Africa.
Contributors are Henri Bah, Andre Mbata Mangu, Eddy Maloka and Zondi Siphamandla.

Meyer-Blanck, Michael

[German Version] refers to the process of constituting or preserving a whole and is employed in the humanities primarily as a sociological and educational-psychological category. Consequently, in the field of theology, integration is a term with primary relevance for practical theology

Heimkehr – Erinnerung – Integration

Der Verband der Heimkehrer, die ehemaligen Kriegsgefangenen und die westdeutsche Nachkriegsgesellschaft


Birgit Schwelling and Heribert Weiland

Der Verband der Heimkehrer zählte zu den mitgliederstärksten Veteranenverbänden in der Bundesrepublik. Als Interessenvertretung ehemaliger Kriegsgefangener gelang es ihm, insbesondere in den 195er Jahren erheblichen politischen Einfluss geltend zu machen und die Heimkehrer in das Zentrum der öffentlichen Aufmerksamkeit zu rücken. Die Studie bettet seine Aktivitäten in den Kontext des politischen, gesellschaftlichen und kulturellen Demokratisierungsprozesses ein. Sie fragt nach den Mechanismen der Integration der Heimkehrer in die neu entstandene Demokratie und nach den Kosten, die diese Integration mit sich brachte.

Johannes Zanker

the early stages of the visual system. Keywords : Vision; motion perception; transparency; direction discrimination; computational mod- elling; direction distribution; integration. ∗ E-mail: 432 J. M. Zanker 1. INTRODUCTION The basic properties of human motion perception have


Luis Manuel Hernández Aguilar

3.1 Integration as Assimilation The study Muslim Life in Germany ( dik , 2009d) constitutes one of the most ambitious projects launched by the dik . Hitherto, it has been established as authoritative knowledge about Muslim life in Germany. Previously, I analyzed the study’s definition of the