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an effort to pay full respect to human rights and implement in practice its obligations under international human rights law. Keywords freedom of expression, information security, internet media, internet content regulation, Uzbekistan * The author wishes to thank Prof. Dr. iur. Anne Peters, Dr. iur

In: Review of Central and East European Law

Secondary Sources Yaman Akdeniz, et al., Internet: Restricted access: A Critical Assessment of Internet Content Regulation and Censorship in Turkey = Internet (Ankara: Imaj Kitabevi & Imaj Yayinevi, 2008).

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, Data Protection in Germany (Munich: C.H. Beck, 2013).   A title in Beck’s English-language series German Law Accessible. Yana Breindl & Bjoern Kuellmer, “Internet Content Regulation in France and Germany: Regulatory Paths, Actor Constellations, and Policies” Journal of Information Technology and

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provide a basis for regulating speech content on the Net). 89 On the impossibility of developing universally accepted Internet content regulation, J.L. Henn, "Targeting Transnational Internet Content Regula- tion", B. U. Int'1 L. J. 21 (2003), 157 et seq. (172). 9o C.D. Van Blarcum, "Internet Hate

In: Max Planck Yearbook of United Nations Law Online

Content Regulations in the United States and Singapore: The Invincibility of Cyberporn,” Asian-Pacific Law and Policy Journal 1, no. 1 (2000): 9; Yee Fen Lim, Cyberspace Law: Commentaries and Materials , 2nd ed. (Victoria, Australia: Oxford University Press, 2007), 396, discussing the inefficiency of

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