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an effort to pay full respect to human rights and implement in practice its obligations under international human rights law. Keywords freedom of expression, information security, internet media, internet content regulation, Uzbekistan * The author wishes to thank Prof. Dr. iur. Anne Peters, Dr. iur

In: Review of Central and East European Law
Author: Lynn Huber

how some films function similarly to apocalyptic literature. Network Apocalypse: Visions of the End in an Age of Internet Media , edited by Robert Glenn Howard, includes contributors from a variety of fields, including communication arts, sociology, English, etc. As a whole the volume prompts its

In: Biblical Interpretation
Multimodality in Higher Education theorizes writing practices and pedagogy from a multimodal perspective. It looks at the theoretical and methodological uptake of multimodal approaches in a range of domains in Higher Education, including art and design, architecture, composition studies, science, management accounting and engineering. Changes in the communication landscape have engendered an increasing recognition of the different semiotic dimensions of representation. Student assignments require increasingly complex multimodal competencies and Higher Education needs to be equipped to students with these texts. Multimodality in Higher Education explores the changing communication landscapes in Higher Education in terms of spaces and texts, as well as new processes of production and creativity in the new media.

-switching, Connectives media, Arabic North America media, Chadian Chad Arabic media, news Internet, Media Arabic, Media Arabic medial Phonetics Medial Gemination Rule Gemination medicine, Greek Translat...

Author: Ladislav Hanel

multivariate analysis to the taxonomy of the genus Prismatolaimus . Michal also entered with a great enthusiasm new ways of communication among people via Internet media and prepared the Polish Page of Nematology. He wished to devote a great part of his life and work to the organisation of activities in

In: Nematology

-Hee Lee 105–107
 Network Apocalypse: Vision of the End in an Age of Internet Media
 Reel Revelations: Apocalypse and Film
 Lynn Huber 108–114
 Hermeneutics: An Introduction to Interpretive Theory
 Shawn Kelley 211–213
 Power, and Justice in Ancient Israel
 John J. Collins 214–216
 The World of the Child

In: Biblical Interpretation
Author: Tugrul Keskin

, internet media outlets and think tanks, such as the Woodrow Wilson Center, the National Endowment for Democracy, the Middle East Institute in Washington dc . As a result of this transformation from classical to neo-orientalism, we began to see new journals that fused the subjects of with Middle East and

In: Sociology of Islam
Author: Howard Duncan

bringing us fully up to date with portrayals of contemporary print, broadcast, and internet media. Li describes briefly what one normally expects in media studies, the types of stories and advertising that appear, the ownership, the clientele, and so on. The picture that emerges is one of a Chinese media

In: Journal of Chinese Overseas

/producer who has to ask previous authorization for reproduction/cop- ying from the author, the internet media empow- ers the user/consumer to decide whatever he wants to reproduce from the available digitized data and information, whether these are copyrighted works or just ephemeral information pieces. The

In: Logos
Author: Bart Wagemakers

and Twitter account or other archaeological internet media. Having gathered some contact details, we then get in touch with the people concerned and ask them the crucial question: do they have any documentation of the excavation in their possession? And are they able and willing to record their

In: Research Data Journal for the Humanities and Social Sciences