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Author: Dalibor Mišina

documentaries I will focus on, Igor Mirković’s Sretno dijete ( A Happy Kid ) 4 and Pjer Žalica’s Orkestar ( The Orchestra ), 5 are both explorations of identity pursued through the mining the Yugoslav socialist past in an attempt to illuminate one’s personal (in the case of Sretno dijete ) or one

In: Canadian-American Slavic Studies

through Rituals. Youth Subcultures in Post- War Britain . London : Hutchinson . Happy Child . 2003 . Directed by Igor Mirković . Croatia . Documentary DVD . Havasréti , József , and Zsolt K. Horváth , eds. 2003 . Avantgárd: underground: alternatív. Popzene, művészet és szubkulturális nyilvánosság

In: East Central Europe

portrayed by the documentary Sretno dijete by Igor Mirković, illuminating both the intra-Yugoslav ties and the specifi cities of the various local scenes. In the eyes of the regime, the Slovenian band Laibach was the most contro- versial. With their name coming from the German name for the Slovenian capital

In: East Central Europe