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Emily D. Crews

Jonathan Z. Smith begins his essay, “When the Bough Breaks” with a reflection on the deathbed scene of Gertrude Stein. As she neared the end of her life, it is said that Stein “raised herself up from her bed and asked her faithful companion, Alice B. Toklas, ‘What is the answer?’ When Toklas

Hugh B. Urban

MAKING A PLACE TO TAKE A STAND: JONATHAN Z. SMITH AND THE POLITICS AND POETICS OF COMPARISON' HUGH B. URBAN The work of Jonathan Z. Smith represents perhaps the most intelligent and persuasive approach to the problem of comparison in the history of religions; yet it is also one that remains

Larry J. Alderink

CONFERENCES PANEL ON JONATHAN Z. SMITH'S DRUDGERY DIVINE Introduction: Critique and Construction in Jonathan Z. Smith's Drudgery Divine LARRY J. ALDERINK Two sessions at the 1991 annual convention of the American Academy of Religion/Society of Biblical Literature, held in Kansas City, MO, were

Takeshi Kimura

BEARING THE ‘BARE FACTS’ OF RITUAL. A CRITIQUE OF JONATHAN Z. SMITH’S STUDY OF THE BEAR CEREMONY BASED ON A STUDY OF THE AINU IYOMANTE T AKESHI K IMURA Review article Summary A few years ago, Benjamin Ray criticized Jonathan Z. Smith’s study of the bear hunting ritual. In this article, I

Jacob Neusner

THE OEUVRE OF JONATHAN Z. SMITH Jacob Neusner Bard College Jonathan Z. Smith, Relating Religion. Essays in the Study of Religion. Chicago and London: The University of Chicago Press. 412 pp., ISBN 0-226-76386-2. For the generation of religion-scholars now reaching retirement, Jonathan Z. Smith

Nicolas Meylan

Religions . D. Barbu and N. Meylan , trans. Genève : Labor et Fides , pp. 7 - 10 . Gill , Sam ( 1998 ). No place to stand: Jonathan Z. Smith as homo ludens. The academic study of religion sub specie ludi . Journal of the American Academy of Religion 66 ( 2 ), pp. 283 - 312 . Girard

John W. Parrish

Citation John W. Parrish Centre for the Study of Religion, University of Toronto Abstract Th is essay refl ects on the politics and poetics of citation, and off ers a constructive reading of Jonathan Z. Smith’s work. Th is is accomplished by a careful, critical reading of Hugh Urban

Nancy Frankenberry

One is tempted to say with Wordsworth “Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive” of the year at Dartmouth when Jonathan Z. Smith and Jacob Neusner and Hans Penner all came together in the Department of Religion. The year was 1965-66, and the job was Smith’s first ever, as an instructor replacing a

Seung Il Kang

62 Seung Il Kang © Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden ZRGG 64, 1 (2012) Also available online - A Comparison of Mircea Eliade’s and Jonathan Z. Smith’s Views on Dur-an-ki Sacred space has become an important category in the study of religion since the mid-twentieth century, largely owing

Locating the Study of Religion in a Theory of the Academy

The Unexamined Relationship between Jonathan Z. Smith’s Two Careers

Donald Bruce Woll

that belongs in the academy. In this discussion, the purposes of the academy have sometimes been taken for granted. For Jonathan Z. Smith the task of defining religion as an object of the academy has been inseparable from the task of theoretical, critical self-reflection on the purposes of the academy