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femme fatale is then traced until it reaches its apotheiosis with the extraordinary character of Kundry, in Wagner’s Parsifal . She is then used as the vehicle to explore the themes in depth. Keywords Bible, femme fatale , Kundry, opera, Parsifal, Wagner By definition, every operatic character is a

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", mittels der als Jungbrunnen mig- brauchten Eucharistie hartnackig vor dem Sterben flieht und den todess3chtigen Amfortas wieder zwingt, ihm durch den Dienst am Altar das Leben weiter zu sichern. Nicht zu vergessen ist Kundrys Erzahlung vom Tod von Parsifals Mutter (1/2), die einen Mordversuch an Kundry

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beginning. In this article I will explain the Buddhist teaching of karma and rebirth, and show how this process is what connects the Ring and Parsifal at the deepest levels. I will explain how and why Alberich is reborn as Klingsor, Brünnhilde is reborn as Kundry, Wotan is reborn as Amfortas, and

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Amfortas, the king of the ‘Grail’s’ knighthood, once attempted to defeat Klingsor, the evil magician, who threatened to win the ‘Grail’ for himself. During the attack, Amfortas wielded the holy lance as a weapon, 8 and lost it during his tryst with Kundry, who acts under Klingsor’s spell. The very lance

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Lohengrin (1848). Those works espoused human love as redemptive and integrated both negative and positive exemplars of womanhood (Venus and Elisabeth, Ortrud and Elsa), though the virtuous women died in the final acts of both operas. The wretched and outcast seductress, Kundry, the sole woman in Parsifal

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while battling the evil sorcerer Klingsor and the enchantress Kundry. During the battle, Amfortas suffers a wound that cannot heal, perpetually reminding the king of his transgression. As a reflection of his spiritual devastation, the kingdom languishes, while his subjects search the globe for a remedy

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der ddmonischen Botin aus dem Totenreich das Parergon "Kundry", gewissermassen als Nachtrag zu "Kalypso". 155 Aus seinen weiteren selbsthndigen Arbeiten sind vor allem seine mannigfachen Ausserungen zu Germanen und altgermanischer Reli- gion zwischen 1934-1944 zu nennen, worunter der

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foundations in the shadows of earth, but in its highest regions it is a temple of spiritual light’. 47 The theme of the Grail returns in Parsifal , portraying the hero while he, ‘resisting the seduction of Kundry (the lower nature), breaks the power of the magician Klingsor (the delusive force of evil) and

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