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monasteries of Tibet, Mongolia and Buryatia. The prevalent Buddhist school in Kalmykia was that of the Gelugpa (Tib. dGe lugs pa ) order, founded in the fourteenth century on the teachings of the Tibetan monk Lobsang Drakpa (Tib. bLo bzang Grags pa ), also known as Tsongkhapa (1357–1419). The anti

Elvira Churyumova

Introduction Following 17 years of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov’s tenure in power from 1993 to 2010, Kalmykia, a small republic in southwestern Russia, has had a new national leader in the persona of Alexei Orlov since October 2010. Although his appointment to the post was met with widespread relief

‘I Have My Own Spaceship’

Folk Healers in Kalmykia, Russia

Baasanjav Terbish

rituals’ for the President of Kalmykia, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. 1 Pleased with her accomplishments and smiling, she slowly opens her eyes to see the picture of the President, placed on the altar alongside other gods, including Tsagan Aav, various furious and benign deities, the Dalai Lama, a little Jesus in

Accepting Divine Patronage

Kalmyk Folk Religious Specialists and Their Guardian Deities

Valeriya Gazizova

Introduction Kalmykia, a republic in the southwest of the Russian Federation, is closely associated with Buddhism; its titular ethnic group, the Kalmyks, a people of Mongol descent comprising 57 per cent of the republic’s population of less than 290,000, historically follow the Tibetan

Mergen S. Ulanov, Valeriy N. Badmaev and Edward C. Holland

does not repent, relegate him to the commoner class’ (Leontovich 1880: 20). In general, penalties for alcohol consumption by the Buddhist clergy were strengthened in the 1822 decrees in comparison to the Toktols. After the 1822 Jinjil decrees, the Buddhist clergy of Kalmykia no longer actively

M. L. Butovskaya and E. B. Guchinova

Men and Women in Contemporary Kalmykia: Traditional Gender Stereotypes and Reality* M. L. BUTOVSKAYA Department of Anthropology Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology Leninsky Prospect 32a, 117334 Moscow, Russia E. B. GUCHINOVA Pr. Sayat-Nova 20, Apt.53 Yerevan, Armenia 375001 ABSTRACT Kalmyk

Kemper, Michael

Daghestan (Dāghistān) is a republic of the Russian Federation. Located in the northeastern Caucasus, it has an area of 50,300 square kilometres and borders Kalmykia and the Stavropol region in the north, Chechnya and Georgia in the west, Azerbaijan in the south, and the Caspian Sea in the east

Siberia in the 1920s and 1930s 19 Butovskaya. M. L. and E. B. Guchinova Men and Women in Contemporary Kalmykia: Gender Stereotypes and Reality 61 Guchinova, E. B. see Butovskaya. M. L Lyons, Shawn T Resisting Colonialism in the Uzbek Historical Novel Kecha va Kunduz ( Night and Day ), 1936 175 Narangoa

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religious efficacy, I show how the social movements of both reform and revival arise as collusion between contemporaryTibetan and Kalmyk views on the nature of true Buddhism. Keywords: Kalmykia, Buddhism, Russia, Revival, Reform Kalmykia is a small autonomous republic (population: 315,000) within the