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Andil Gosine

exhibition “thinks and thinks about” her world. Kelly Sinnapah Mary’s installation of paintings and objects created for Désir Cannibale , Notebook of No Return , conveys her reflections about the history of her ancestors, Indians who migrated to Guadeloupe to replace Africans on plantations following the

Kelly Sinnapah Mary

, these projects present complicated characters who are both victims and predators. Figure 1 Kelly Sinnapah Mary, Vagina, 2014, colour photography, variable size. Courtesy of the artist. Figure 2 Kelly Sinnapah Mary, Notebook of No Return , 2017, collage and drawing on paper, 59.7 × 42 cm. Courtesy

Patricia Mohammed

considers the practice of Guadeloupe-based Indo-Caribbean artist Kelly Sinnapah Mary. While attempting to create visibility of the Indian presence in the French West Indies, in her series Notebook of No Return the artist foregrounds the present evolving character of post-migration through a range of mixed