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Peter Drucker

writings have charted the spread of LGBT communities in Asia and Africa, some have wondered whether all other forms of same-sex sexuality are surrendering to what Dennis Altman has critiqued as the triumphant ‘global gay’, a monolithic figure riding the wave of capitalist globalisation. 6 In much the same

Loveday Hodson

relationships that are not based on marriage, its approach has tended to be influenced by the hegemonic nuclear family ideal. In particular, the ECtHR’s equality-based approach to same-sex relationships has left it with little to say about the rights of children raised in LGBT families. It has largely been left

Joseph N. Goh, Kristine C. Meneses and Donald E. Messer

Christian church workers from inclusive and affirming churches who labour at the frontlines of accepting and affirming ministry with gender-variant and sexually diverse people, namely with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people ( LGBT ), 2 and People Living with HIV ( PLHIV ) in Singapore and the

J. Mark Blackwell

. Rather, “Gomorrah” speaks of San Francisco in the 1970s and the struggles of two of its prominent institutions: the Grateful Dead and the LGBT movement. Keywords Grateful Dead, Gomorrah, Sodom, LGBT, San Francisco Introduction In 1978, Jerry Garcia released an unexpectedly innovative album, Cats Under

Paul Nathan Alexander

Introduction In this paper I address constructions of race and white supremacy, constructions of religious faith, and constructions of genders and sexes and the concomitant ongoing inequalities for females and limitations on discourse regarding LGBT+ realities. 1 I intend for the title of

Zorica Mršević

Preface The increased visibility of non-heterosexuality that has recently been manifested in Serbia in various ways, either through public events and discussions on the topic or through the demands of the LGBT population to see the respect for their rights that is warranted by the constitution

Parthiban Muniandy

placed on an annual LGBT awareness exhibition organised by Seksualiti Merdeka . The police ban on the event, which had been the primary means for raising awareness of sexual minority rights and issues, sparked strong criticism from the organisers, as well as other civil rights supporters. At the same


Peter Drucker

Recent victories for LGBT rights, especially the spread of same-sex marriage, have gone faster than most people imagined possible. Yet the accompanying rise of gay 'normality' has been disconcerting for activists with radical sympathies. Global in scope and drawing on a wide range of feminist, anti-racist and queer scholarship and analysis, Warped: Gay Normality and Queer Anti-Capitalism shows how the successive 'same-sex formations' of the past century and a half, corresponding to different phases of capitalist development, have led both to the emergence of today's 'homonormativity' and 'homonationalism' and to ongoing queer resistance. The book's second half summarises different sexual rebellions and the queer dimension of multifarious movements for social justice and transformation, seeing in them harbingers of a unified and powerful queer anti-capitalism.

Adelita Selmić

such volatile circumstances in which ethnic divisions are still salient and easily instrumentalized by political elites, activism that promotes recognition of non-heteronormative sexualities manages – slowly but steadily – to plod its way into the public space. lgbt 2 activist initiatives in BiH are

Banu Saatçi and Emrah Karakuş

Page 3 sections of the newspapers are mostly known for the use of erotic images accompanied with the magazine life. In Turkey, these pages have come up to be the sections where the news for domestic violence, child abuse and rape cases are published. In this study, we aim at analysing how violence against/by women and LGBT individuals are represented in the Turkish media through a discourse analysis of third pages in online Turkish newspapers published after 2007. Along with the findings of our research, we argue that the narratives of the online news concerning the violence against women and LGBT individuals trivialise this violence through tabloidization, individualization and moralization. The news on Page 3 legitimize the violence and reproduce conservative values by applying to reasoning of general moral principles as well as justifying and romanticizing even the cases of honour-killing as ‘love-murders’.