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Céline Drèze

practices of each Marian sodality. Marian Feasts and Lenten Devotions The examination of archival sources allows one to distinguish four principal kinds of assembly organized on a regular basis at the heart of each sodality: 1) the weekly assemblies, 2) celebrations linked to internal affairs (election of a

Alexander J. Fisher

world and especially among the Jesuits, who increasingly offered musical litanies on Saturdays or Sundays, sometimes in conjunction with traditional Salve services honoring the Virgin Mary. 29 The Jesuits also featured Lenten devotions involving musical performances of the psalm Miserere mei


Barbara Wisch

.g. when performances of sacred music drew large crowds. During Clement VIII ’s reign, the Crocifisso oratory became the most fashionable location for Lenten devotions, whose papal singers were also confratelli . The role of music during Lent and Holy Week increased in the last decades of the Cinquecento