in the names of their children. Combining folklore and feminist methodologies, the essay proposes new parameters for understanding female heroism in the Hebrew Bible. Keywords women, fertility, heroines, matriachs, mythology, Hebrew Bible, hero pattern Mortality and Memory e covenant between the God

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the matriach of African feminist theology. There is no doubt that she has acted as a catalyst in establishing a network of African female theologians, known as the Circle of Concerned African Women Theologians, and has stimulated many women to research and write. Her zeal for a women's contribution to

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Shavuot celebration into the time of the patriarchs and matriachs, is also an important source. 65 E.g. Tob. 8:3 alludes to 1 Enoch 10:4. 66 Tob. 11:14 presents a prayer also found in 11Q14 1 II , 2–6. 67 Several contact points exist between Tob. 8:1–9a and Tob. 13:1–14:2 with 4Q504. 68 Tob. 5

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