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(Notre Dame Indiana: University of Notre Dame Press, 2016), 163 pages. isbn : 9780268035396. Hardback: $40.00. Mellema’s Complicity and Moral Accountability is a short exploration of complicity and its relation to various moral concepts, predominantly moral accountability. It is composed

In: Journal of Moral Philosophy

suppositions such as soul, essence or spirit. Keywords Locke, personal identity, moral accountability, moral agency, self Introduction By applying questions about identity to persons, 1 Locke turned what had previously only been (treated as) a metaphysical problem, into a practical one about moral agency and

In: Journal of Moral Philosophy

pentecostal denominations and organizations could promote reflexivity, ethical policies, moral accountability, and active followership to reduce the risk of shadow side charisma and reap the benefits of empowered followership. Promote Reflexivity The critical realist perspective advocated in

In: Pneuma

criteria for moral accountability, are consistent with certain forms of compatibilism. So it is a reasonable presumption that as regards human freedom, the Orthodox favoured a version of compatibilism. Keywords structural freedom, indifference, compatibilism, divided sense, Reformed Orthodoxy In ‘ Reformed

In: Journal of Reformed Theology

Speaking is not merely externalized thoughts, but linguistic action that comes with moral accountability. In an age of Twitter, however, thinking is often minimally processed, and thoughts are swung to the polar extremes by raw emotions sprouting from self-defense. While the problem of the former

In: Reading the Song of Songs in a #MeToo Era

status, arguing that the protagonist’s killings are presented as acceptable and even desirable by responding to anxieties regarding un-punishment and fantasies of moral accountability. It also discusses Dexter’s main ‘opponents’ and their role in presenting his character as a new type of superhero

In: Monstrous manifestations: Realities and the Imaginings of the Monster

fantasies of moral accountability. It also discusses Dexter’s main opponents and their role in presenting his character as a new type of superhero. Finally, the chapter aims to raise questions regarding the significance of a new order of heroes that manifest our ideas of natural justice, and the role of

In: Monstrosity from the Inside Out

instill spiritual and moral accountability in the present’ (cf. 77). A good approach! The last three chapters deal with the three ‘movements’ that Schmidt distin- guishes in Revelation, chapters 1-5, 6- 16 and 17-21. The main elements of the texts are helpfully discussed and illumi- nated with

In: Evangelical Quarterly: An International Review of Bible and Theology

life from moral accountability. Only marginally is it asked whether a “free area”—as, for example, in art—can exist ( e.g. , W. Trillhaas). 2.3. The fundamental problem arises when Christian freedom in all its scope is viewed as freedom from works. One might include all that