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Céline Drèze

Within the complex history of the Jesuits’ relationship to music, the sphere of Marian sodalities constitutes a privileged domain of musical expression, which, in contrast to spectacular liturgical festivities or theatrical works, has scarcely attracted the attention of researchers. Most of the

Sarah Covington

the boys of the Marian sodality there, offers further insights into Campion’s distinctive work as spiritual director. Victor Houliston, meanwhile, contributes a fine essay on Robert Persons—the “Hispanized Camelion” ( sic )—and his tricky and complex dealings with Philip ii , the “most Catholic king

Peter M. Daly

extent to which Marian piety dominated the Jesuits’ subsequent endeavors is debatable. This is not to deny Mary’s importance or to forget the order’s many Marian sodalities throughout the world. Bonacci’s study may well appear to support Schneider’s position (92–97). But the centrality of the Virgin Mary

Daniele V. Filippi

activities, locales, and cultural objects, highlighting the dynamic nature of Jesuit networks in the longue durée perspective of the early modern era (here primarily 1550–1750): from the fostering of devotional songs in Marian sodalities to the implementation of a Jesuit soundscape in extra


Clarinda Calma

, and then taught the physical sciences. Apart from that, he was continuously occupied with unending sermons to the pupils as part of his duties as director of the Marian sodality. 17 About thirty years later, in 1775, Szersznik transported the Concionale together with part of the Klementinum Library

Jeffrey Muller

church itself to consider the splendid Marian sodality house built opposite the facade of the church to enclose the one true Renaissance square in Antwerp, Rubens’s Annunciation that graced an altar there makes its Corpus appearance in Hans Devisscher’s and Hans Vleghe’s volume of 2014 devoted to The

Marc R. Forster

had 800.27 The Society of Jesus certainly dominated Catholic education by the late sixteenth century. This position gave the Jesuits immense influence over the Catholic elite, which they supplemented through their organization of Marian sodalities, which were designed for the educated, urban elite. 21

Music and the Jesuit “Way of Proceeding” in the German Counter-Reformation  377 Alexander J. Fisher Musical Practices among Marian Sodalities in the Gallo- and Flandro-Belgian Provinces from the Sixteenth to the Eighteenth Centuries  398 Céline Drèze “Bella festa si fa


Ronnie Po-chia Hsia

and low-ranking mandarins and clerks, among whom were Manchu bannermen, and the prefects of the Jesuit Marian sodalities. The 1702 letter to Pope Clement XV has fifty signatories: twenty were mandarins. 9 How representative were these voices? Without doubt, the authors and signatories of the twenty

Josephine Von Henneberg

(or Eritreo), "fece istanza che si canonizzasse la Beata Francesca" in the name of the Roman people (Waibinski 2: 390). A latinist and a poet, Gian Vittorio de Rossi (alias Erithreo), was the secretary to Cardinal Peretti. As a mem- ber of the Marian sodality, which since the 1590s was housed in the