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Marriage and divorce of Christians during the Ottoman period has been the issue of extensive research. 1 Scholars using primarily ecclesiastical and communal records have been pointing out to a dichotomy between the prescriptions of the Orthodox Church -as expressed in synodical letters and the

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Whilst other works exist which examine the Islamic law of personal status, this is the first to set out in a single volume the laws relating to marriage and divorce in the Arab states, both codified and uncodified, in a manner which will enable the reader to look up the provisions of the law in specific areas and, where required, to compare the positions of the laws of different countries.

The social institution through which a man and a woman are joined in a social and legal dependence for the purpose of forming and maintaining a family (q.v.), and the regulated dissolution of such a union. Both marriage and divorce are legal issues extensively dealt with in the Qurʾān (see law and

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or divorced in a legal system based on Islamic law (also known as ‘Sharia’ law). As will be illustrated below, Irish and Islamic law express radically different views on the appropriate regulation of marriage and divorce. With this clash of norms, many Irish-resident Muslims will experience legal

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DESIDERIUS ERASMUS OF ROTTERDAM ON MARRIAGE AND DIVORCE ANTON G. WEILER Heelsum Introduction In August 1526, the Basel publishing house Froben published a major treatise on Christian marriage by Erasmus of Rotterdam. At the manuscript stage, the work had provisionally been entitled Institutio

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© Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2012 DOI: 10.1163/156853111X619238 Asian Journal of Social Science 39 (2011) 797–820 Marriage and Divorce for the Sake of Religion: The Marital Life of Cadari in Indonesia 1 Eva F. Nisa Australian National University Abstract The religious

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[91] Marriage and Divorce on the Isle of Utopia- Utopian Reverberations with Erasmus of Rotterdam by EMILE V. TELLE "Iam illa quae maxime videntur ridicula tractando fiunt seria. " 1 ,.. I ' It may be trite to say that the question of marriage and its XV JOYS, at all times, beset the thoughts

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The Influence of National Socialism on Marriage and Divorce Law in Germany and the Netherlands
In National Socialist Family Law, Mariken Lenaerts analyses the possible influence of National Socialism on marriage and divorce law in Germany and the Netherlands. As the family was regarded the germ-cell of the nation, the Nazis made many changes in German and Dutch marriage and divorce law to suit their purpose of a thousand-year Aryan Reich. By making extensive use of archival resources, Mariken Lenaerts gives an overview of the most important changes adopted in marriage and divorce law by the Nazis and proves that although daily marital life in both countries was highly influenced by National Socialism, marriage and divorce law did not become National Socialist.

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In 2013 the book was awarded the Prix Fondation Auschwitz – Jacques Rozenberg.