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Lewis Griffin and Alexandre Nasrallah

dependency between gradient magnitudes, or gradient directions at high gradient magnitude locations. Keywords : Natural image statistics; gradient directions; power spectrum; information redundancy. 1. INTRODUCTION A fundamental aim of vision research has been to understand how the human visual system (HVS

Samira Bouzit and Paul Hibbard

distributions of disparities expected in natural scenes. Keywords : Binocular correspondence; natural image statistics; distance; elevation. INTRODUCTION Differences between the retinal images formed in the left and right eyes provide important depth information. Binocular disparity, the difference in the

Alan Bovik, Lawrence Cormack, Ian Van Der Linde and Umesh Rajashekar

, providing that this paper is cited in any published work. This paper documents the acquisition procedure, summarises common eye movement statistics, and highlights numerous research topics for which DOVES may be used. Keywords : Eye tracking; eye movements; database; natural image statistics; point

Christoph Redies, Jens Hasenstein and Joachim Denzler

–20. Fort Collins. Lewicki, M. S. (2002). Efficient coding of natural sounds, Natur. Neurosci. 5 , 356–363. Olshausen, B. A. and Field, D. J. (1996). Natural image statistics and efficient coding, Network: Comp. Neuro. Syst. 7 , 333–339. Olshausen, B. A. and Field, D. J. (2000). Vision and the coding of

Árni Kristjánsson

, J. (2008). Repetition streaks increase perceptual sensitivity in brief visual search displays, Visual Cognition 16 , 643–658. Simoncelli, E. P. and Olshausen, B. A. (2001). Natural image statistics and neural representation, Ann. Rev. Neurosci. 24 , 1193–1216. Thompson, P. (1981). Velocity

George Mather

. F. ( 2006 ). Discrimination of amplitude spectrum slope in the fovea and parafovea and the local amplitude distributions of natural scene imagery , J. Vis. 6 , 696 – 711 . Juricevic I. Land L. Wilkins A. Webster M. A. ( 2010 ). Visual discomfort and natural image statistics

Lydia Maniatis

interpretation, 455 information, 361 inhibition, 493 intrinsic dimension, 397 invariant recognition, 383 IOR, 325 isometric matching, 443 J junctions, 211 L lexical codes, 473 M machine learning, 397 metacontrast masking, 127 motion, 1 motion-in-depth perception, 83 N natural image statistics, 161 navigation

George Mather

artists create paintings that are readily visible to the human eye, and can be processed more efficiently by the visual system (Graham and Field, 2007). In some sense they are ‘super-regular’ — very well matched to the natural image statistics that the visual system evolved and developed to process. The

Christoph Redies

., Perrett, D., Burt, D. M. and Dolan, R. J. (2003). Beauty in a smile: the role of medial orbitofrontal cortex in facial attractiveness, Neuropsychologia 41 , 147–155. Olshausen, B. A. and Field, D. J. (1996). Natural image statistics and efficient coding, Network: Comp. Neur. Syst. 7 , 333–339. Olshausen

Christoph Redies, Anselm Brachmann and Gregor Uwe Hayn-Leichsenring

– 817 . Simoncelli E. P. Olshausen B. A. ( 2001 ). Natural image statistics and neural representation , Annu. Rev. Neurosci. 24 , 1193 – 1216 . Stolzenburg A. ( 1997 ). Picasso und die Lithographie. “Ich mache ein Bild und zerstöre es” . Seemann , Leipzig