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-existing bias hypotheses. This support is independent of the assumptions associated with phylogenetic inference. Unlike the two sexual species, the unisexual hybrid P. formosa had no detectable preference for the novel male traits. Keywords: pre-existing bias, novel ornament, sexual selection, tumor, Poecilia

In: Behaviour

preferences within a species (ten Cate & Bateson, 1988, 1989). Witte et al. (2000) introduced an evolutionary novel ornament, a red feather on the forehead, in the monomorphic Javanese Mannikin, Lonchura leucogas- troides . They showed that males and females sexually imprinted on this novel trait and

In: Behaviour
Author: Mario Sabattini

summed up as: liberty, luxury, abundance, an unfolding of the spirit in a moment of idleness. Painting, sculpture, music are of no use whatsoever. A skillfully cut precious stone, a rare object, a novel ornament, are all surplus things in life. But who would want to do away with them? So-called happiness

In: Zhu Guangqian and Benedetto Croce on Aesthetic Thought