Au sud de l’Angola, la province de Namibe est l’une des plus riches en sites de peintures et de gravures rupestres. L’article montre des différences importantes entre les sites à peintures rupestres qui se trouvent à proximité les uns des autres mais dans des positions topographiques différentes. Les sites placés au niveau du sol présentent des pourcentages plus élevés de figures reconnaissables, tandis que dans les sites en hauteur, les figures sont plutôt abstraites et difficiles à identifier. La différence topographique entre sites semble déterminer la différence des expressions picturales. L’élaboration d’un cadre chronologique fiable pour l’ensemble de l’art rupestre de la province de Namibe permettra d’affiner cette approche.

In: Journal of African Archaeology
Author: Susan Dippenaar

Caligodes laciniatus ( K r øy e r, 1 8 6 3 ) Ablennes hians Namibe, A ngola N unes-Ruivo, 1962 (Valenciennes, 1846) Tylosurus acus Angola Cressey & Collette, 1970 (Bleeker, 1850) Tylosurus crocodilus Comores I slands Cressey & Collette, 1970 (Peron & LeSueur, 1821) Caligus acanthopagri Lin, Ho & Chen, 1994

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. Letters were intercepted, believers were detained for interrogation and agents were sent to the fi eld for further investigation. 45 Alarmed, the Portuguese authorities decided to deport Simão Toko to the southernmost regions of Angola (Porto Alexandre, today’s Tom- bua, in the Namibe region). But then

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“Semana da FESA ” de 1998 Sábado, 22 de agosto Doações ao Leprosário de Funda. Visita às pessoas removidas de Nambuangongo e Quibaxe e à “Cidadela das Crianças” de Caxito. Maratona da Fesa. Domingo, 23 de agosto Visita às províncias de Huambo, Namibe e Cunene Atividades esportivas na Baía de Luanda e no

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avail. According to AEA (1994) and CICA (1992c) the only way out of the conflict was through dialogue, tolerance and forgiveness. Dialogue did take place at a number of locations. Th e first meeting was at Namibe, a southern Angolan coastal town, where hopes were high that a ceasefire could be secured

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effectif des le 2 novembre 1992, ce qui devait ouvrir la voie a une serie de rencontres entre les deux Parties angolaises, sous 1'egide des Nations Unies le 26 novembre 1992 a Namibe, en Angola, puis a Addis Abeba du 27 au 30 janvier 1993. L'échec des pourparlers d'Abidjan, en mai 1993, ruina les derniers

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Author: Mpazi Sinjela

Namibe (Angola) on 26 November 1992, Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) from 27 to 30 January 1993 and Abidjan (Cote d'lvoire) from 12 April to 21 May 1993. At these talks, the discussion was focused on a number of points, including, the cease-fire; completion of the implementation of the peace accords; the question

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Author: Paul Freston

Brazilian churches eager to establish a presence; but also the most successful of them all (Viegas 1998). Already in 1994, the church claimed 14 locations (in Luanda, Lobito, Benguela, Lubango and Namibe) ( FU 14/8/94); by 1998, the number had risen to 36 ( FU 13/12/98). In 2000, it was present in 10 of

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Author: Pedro Pinto

Toko. 38 A New Beginning for the Society in Angola In June 1956, Mankoka’s group wrote to the head of the local administrative post asking for a judgement differentiating them from the Tokoists. It then applied to the governor of Moçâmedes (nowadays Namibe) for permission to hold

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this programme is 60 million pesetas. We are also working on drinking water and sanitation. In the closing months of 1998, we started drawing up a master plan for drinking water and sanitation for two major cities in the south of Angola, Lubango and Namibe, at a cost of 62 million pesetas. Angola is

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