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Israel Knohl

Hellenistic period, may point to the possibility that this method was first a sacred secret knowledge. The numerical structures are best demonstrated in the Masoretic version of the Hebrew Bible. This fact may bear a significant impact upon biblical text criticism. Keywords Numerical patterns, Hebrew poetry

George B. Hogenson

, Karmiloff-Smith reviews evidence for an elementary number sense in infants that points to an innate ability to recognize numerical patterns of up to four elements (p. 144f). As Goodwyn emphasizes, this capacity does not reflect an innate understanding of number, in the sense of counting, but rather an

P.C. Beentjes

also for Ben Sira's understanding of sacred history. For the composition of the poem MACK claims to have discovered an overall numerical pattern. As far as the begin- ning of the hymn is concerned, his observations seem to be convincing. Between Noah (44:17) and Phinehas (45:26) there can be detected a

Timothy Pettipiece

particular, the wide-spread occurrence of five-part numeric patterns in Kephalaia volume one indicates that one of the aims of its compilers seems to have been to emphasize the five-fold nature of divine beings and activi- ties. Th is process, which for lack of a better word I have termed pentadiza- tion , 9

Stanislav Segert

enliven this story, the use of numerical patterns9 and of overly rich rhymes'° in Judg. xvi 23 and 24, which had to demonstrate the ineptitude of the Philistines, can also be adduced. Some of these features provided rather comical effect. While some folk etymologies of names are clear in the present form

James L. Crenshaw

: the translation would be roughly the same ("as a shadow"). 26 A. D. G. Wright has made much of this fact ("The Riddle of the Sphinx: The Structure of the Book of Qoheleth", CBQ 30 [1968], pp. 313-34; "The Riddle of the Sphinx Revisited: Numerical Patterns in the Book of Qoheleth", CBQ 42 [1980], pp

M.L. Barre

"x/x + 1" 5) numerical pattern in parallel cola. Secondly, these four terms are arranged here in a chiastic order which further argues for their belonging to the same structural unit: verb-temporal phrase//temporal phrase-verb 6). The division of the verse proposed by Stamm and Wolff is based on

Dominic Scott

first chapter he discusses what he sees as a parallel project, the unearthing of numerical patterns in the poetry of Edmund Spenser. At the outset he talks of ‘three stages in the debates over Spenser’s Pythagoreanism: discovery and resistance, a second wave of reinforcing research, and finally a

Noga Ayali-Darshan

suggested that the 77//88 sons of Ashertu in the West-Semitic Elkunirsa myth written in Hittite and the 77//88 siblings of Baal referred to in ktu 3 1.12:48-49 are variant forms of the “seventy gods” theme, stylized in a graded numerical pattern: see E. Otto, “šeḇa´”, tdot 14:350; M. Haran “The Graded

Bülent Avcı

learning process by making numerical patterns visible for the students to make generalizations to construct the formula. The students built on each other’s ideas and made most of the calculations with their graphing calculators. I structured the process based on mathematical axioms, properties, and