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it from forced marriage. Th is article critically examines each element of the Chamber’s decision that forced marriage satisfi es the threshold requirements to qualify as a crime against humanity. Keywords forced marriage ; other inhumane acts ; crimes against humanity ; Special Court for Sierra Leone

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what one associates with ICL. The article will conclude that the most cogent arguments can be put forward when positing that rejection of humanitarian aid qualifies as the CAH of other inhumane acts. Three preliminary clarifications are in order. First, the term humanitarian aid must be defined and

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The ruf judgment affirmed the afrc judgment on forced marriage as an ‘other inhumane act’ but rather than examine the constituent elements of forced marriage as undertaken by the afrc Appeals Chamber, the ruf Trial Chamber focussed on the constituents of ‘other inhumane acts

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towns, villages, and communities throughout Sierra Leone.’ 20 Consequently, the Chamber acquitted the accused on Count 1 (Murder as a Crime against Humanity) and Count 3 (Other Inhumane Acts as Crimes against Humanity). For purposes of the present discussion, it is important to understand that the Trial

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to commit genocide; torture; rape; other inhumane acts and on three counts of crimes against humanity; and murder; pleaded not guilty Sentence 2 October 1998: life imprisonment Appeals Chamber judgment 1 June 2001: upheld Bagilishema, Ignace (ICTR-95-1 A-T) Judgment 7 June 2001: acquittal Appeal

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; deportation; imprisonment; torture; rape, sexual slavery, enforced prostitution, forced pregnancy and any other form of sexual violence; persecution; and other inhumane acts) when committed “as part of a widespread or systematic attack against any civilian population”. Th is provision is patterned on its

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transfer of population; . All other inhumane acts. Article 22 War crimes An individual who commits or orders the commission of an exceptionally serious war crime shall, on conviction thereof, be sentenced [to ...]. For the purposes of this Code, a war crime means: 1. Grave breaches of the Geneva

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marriage as a crime against humanity through the category of “other inhumane acts” in the cases of Prosecutor v. Sesay, Kallon and Gbao, referred to as the RUF case, and Prosecutor v. Brima, Kamara and Kanu , referred to as the AFRC case. 4 He did this because there is no explicitly delineated prohibited

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crimes that, although apparently “non-sexual” in nature, can be perpetrated through sexual violence could be used to capture sexual violence during the dk regime. In particular, the eccc Law includes: torture and other inhumane acts as crimes against humanity; genocide; persecution; and grave

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who the victims are, or are per- ceived to be, the crime of collective punishments occurs in response to the acts or omissions of protected persons, whether real or perceived. 14 1.4. Other Inhumane Acts / Forced Marriage Th e SCSL Appeals Chamber in the Brima et al. case reversed the fi nding of the

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