Author: Pedram Jam

This paper tries to add more geographical details about two cantons of the Armenian Pʿaytakaran region as described in Ašxarhacʿoycʿ: Hrakʿotperož and Spandaranperož. These two cantons find their original Middle Persian names in sigillographic or literary (Middle and New Persian, and occasionally Arabic) sources. Pʿaytakaran, regarded as a region once belonging to the greater Armenia, was already under Iranian dominion and subject to Sasanian policy and its administrative reforms.

In: Iran and the Caucasus
Author: Bosworth, C. E.

la montagne appelée aujourd’hui Ḳarad̲j̲a-Dag̲h̲ (anc. Maymad), l’ancienne région arménienne de Pʿaytakaran, au Nord d’Ahar et au Sud de l’Araxe, près de la montagne du nom de Has̲h̲tād-Sar, en un lieu situé entre les districts actuels de Hārand, Kalaybar et Garmādūz (V. Minorsky, Studies in