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A. H. van den Baar and Hilda Meijer

Slavic Palaeography

Works on Slavic palaeography as well as material useful for the analysis or comparative study of old handwritten texts, such as reference material, diplomatics, computistics, and printed liturgics.

Francisca Hoogendijk

Palaeography is the study of ancient writing systems and their development over time. Ancient Greek palaeography is mainly based on evidence on stone and pottery from Greece and elsewhere (see also Epigraphy) and on papyrus and pot sherds, mainly from Egypt (see also Papyrology). The general


Leon Goldman

below, beginning with the Avestan script. 5.1 Avestan Palaeography 5.1.1 Hands 1, 2 and 3 Overview Hand 1: figure 3 Hand 1 writing sample . The first hand encountered in S1 can best be described as conforming to the ‘Mihrābān style’, the Avestan letters bearing close


- cuted the initials in medieval manuscripts, as well as the consequences of those relationships on the manuscript page. He constructs his argument on the basis of many examples and coins new terms to encapsulate new ideas. Keywords codicology, palaeography, medieval manuscripts, initials Initials have

Indonesian palaeography

A history of writing in Indonesia from the beginning to c. A.D. 1500

de Casparis

Part of 4 Science and Technology - 4.1 Scientific Methodologies and Technology - 4.1.3 Analysis and Reconstruction Hebrew and Aramaic Palaeography (Ancient) Hebrew and Aramaic Palaeography (Medieval) Greek Palaeography4. Syriac Palaeography4. Latin

Eleuteri, Paolo (Venice) and Marchioli, Nicoletta Giovè

[English version] From its beginnings, palaeography was regarded as an auxiliary discipline - useful and even indispensable for deciphering and dating manuscripts and documents. It was understood this way by Daniel Van Papenbroeck [8. I-LII] and Jean Mabillon [4], whose works, dealing mainly with

Jos Biemans

emphasis is given to codicology and palaeography, printing from around 1500 until pres- ent times, humanism, book publishers and libraries, typography, bibliophily and book binding. Since 1971 Quærendo has been establishing itself as a forum for contributions from the Low Countries concerning the history

Eleuteri, Paolo (Venice) and Pradel, Marina Molin

[English version] The term palaeography was first used by the Benedictine Bernard de Montfaucon in his work Palaeographia graeca, which appeared in 1708 and opened the way for modern research into the history of Greek writing with its description of modes of operation as well as of methods. Yet

Petra M. Sijpesteijn