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Alan Bovik, Lawrence Cormack, Ian Van Der Linde and Umesh Rajashekar

, providing that this paper is cited in any published work. This paper documents the acquisition procedure, summarises common eye movement statistics, and highlights numerous research topics for which DOVES may be used. Keywords : Eye tracking; eye movements; database; natural image statistics; point-of-gaze

Lydia Maniatis

, 409 neural plasticity, 91 noise variance, 273 O object recognition, 383 online learning, 455 op-art, 211 P perception, 195 perceptual filling-in, 339 perceptual grouping, 45 perceptual meaning, 225 perceptual organization, 225 perspective, 555 pictorial perception, 555 point-light display, 105 point-of-gaze