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, 2020; Silva et al., 2021). To protect humans against this virus, personal protective equipment (PPE) is being used more frequently. China, for example, increased face mask production by 450% in just one month (Bown, 2020). It is estimated that we have a monthly use of 129 billion face masks and 65

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represents a real international phenomenon, which I discuss in this article, called private peace entrepreneurs ( ppe s). ppe s are individual, private citizens with no official authority who initiate diplomatic correspondence with official representatives from the opposing side during a conflict, in

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, USA) (Accepted: 14 June 2011) Summary Male mammals are attracted to the scent marks of sexually receptive female conspecifics. Male voles spend more time investigating the scent marks of female voles in postpartum oestrus (PPE), a heightened state of sexual receptivity that occurs following the

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., iv , 85-86; Arr., ppe ., 30). Other recorded archaeological sites, which could be compared with those mentioned above, are the sanctuaries of Gurzufskoe Sedlo 201 and Eklizi-Burun 202 dating from the “Early Roman” period: among votive objects from the latter parallels have been found for many of

In: Ancient Civilizations from Scythia to Siberia

of Biological Sciences, 3700 Walker Avenue, Memphis, TN 38152, USA * Corresponding author’s e-mail address: Accepted 1 June 2012 Abstract Many female terrestrial mammals undergo postpartum estrus (PPE), a state of heightened sexual attractiveness to male conspecifics relative to

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British, Member, House of Lords; born: 1932; parents: Ralph Lawson and Joan Elisabeth Lawson (née Davis); married: Vanessa Lawson (née Salmon), 1955, diss'd 1980; Thérèse Mary (née Maclear), 1980; education: Westminster Sch.; Christ Church, Oxford (1st class Hons. PPE); political career: Special

; education: Charterhouse; Nuffield Coll., Oxford, M.A. First Class Hons., PPE, 1968; party: Labour, 1963-80; SDP/Liberal Democrats 1981-; political career: Oxford City Cllr., 1972-76; contested Horsham & Cra...

; languages: French, German, Italian; education: Wolstanton Grammar/Marshlands High Sch., Newcastle-Under-Lyme; St Edmund Hall; BA (Hons) PPE, Oxford Univ., 1981-84; party: Labour Party; political career: MP,...