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Jan Komdeur, Jasper Janson, Michael Magrath, Raoul Mulder and Mark Elgar

Provisioning adjustments by male and female fairy martins to short-term manipulations of brood size Michael J.L. Magrath 1,2) , Jasper Janson 3) , Jan Komdeur 3) , Mark A. Elgar 1) & Raoul A. Mulder 1) ( 1 Department of Zoology, University of Melbourne, Parkville VIC 3010, Australia; 3 Animal

Kathryn E. Arnold, Ian P.F. Owens and Anne W. Goldizen

. Although division of labour among group members has been relatively well studied in insects, less is known about vertebrates. Most studies of avian helping focus solely on the extent to which helpers provision the offspring, however, helpers can participate in everything from nest building to predator

Janet Mann Barbara

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1109, USA) (Acc. 22-III-1999) Summary Newborn characteristics, patterns of motoric and social behavioural development, and mother-infant relationships in free-ranging and semi-provisioned bottlenose dolphins ( Tur- siops sp.) are examined. Nine newborns were

Götzelmann, Arnd

[German Version] The term provision or provide is used with a broad spectrum of meanings in social policy and social legislation, in both the secular world and in church law. But we also speak of infrastructure that provides water, electricity, and gas, as well as providing social services, such a

Service Provision and Migration

EU and WTO Service Trade Liberalization and Their Impact on Dutch and UK Immigration Rules


Simon J. Tans

This book investigates how liberalization of service provision related to movement of natural persons takes shape within EU and WTO law. It provides an overview and analysis of the implementation of the identified obligations derived from EU law and the GATS in the Dutch legal order and that of the United Kingdom. A thorough investigation of the chosen strategies in each legal order is provided, including a comparison of the differences and similarities between these strategies. The resulting overview leads to insight into the tension that exists between the international obligations related to service mobility of the two investigated states on the one hand, and their migration law and access to the labour market legislation on the other.

John Knight

, habituation, provisioning, wildlife tourism Introduction Wildlife viewing or watching has become established as a popular leisure activ- ity and an industry that is worth many millions of dollars. It ranges from informal visits to nearby countryside to see local wildlife to organized visits to remote, often

Ian G. Jamieson

PROVISIONING BEHAVIOUR IN A COMMUNAL BREEDER: AN EPIGENETIC APPROACH TO THE STUDY OF INDIVIDUAL VARIATION IN BEHAVIOUR by IAN G. JAMIESON1)2) (Department of Zoology, University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand) (with 6 Figures) (Acc. 24-VIII-1987) Introduction Variation in the amount of

Richard Wood

© Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2009 DOI: 10.1163/156973209X387325 International Journal of Public Th eology 3 (2009) 78–95 Taming Prophetic Religion? Faith-Based Activism and Welfare Provision Richard L. Wood University of New Mexico, USA Abstract Th is article examines the

Matthew Jebb and Mark Elgar

NEST PROVISIONING IN THE MUD-DAUBER WASP SCELIPHRON LAETUM (F. SMITH): BODY MASS AND TAXA SPECIFIC PREY SELECTION by MARK A. ELGAR and MATTHEW JEBB 1,2) (Department of Zoology, University of Melbourne, Parkville, Victoria 3052, Australia) (Acc. 8-X-1998) Summary The mud dauber wasp Sceliphron

Seizi Suzuki

., 2009 ). In Nicrophorus beetles, adjustment of male provisioning has been reported for N. orbicollis (Fetherston et al., 1994 ; Rauter & Moore, 2004 ; Smiseth & Moore, 2004 ) and N. vespilloides (Smiseth et al., 2005 ) by mate removal. Female burying beetles will sometimes adjust provisioning