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Editor: Jacob A. Belzen
Psychology of religion is one of the rare fields in psychology where an interdisciplinary approach has been preserved. Psychohistory especially, understood as the systematic application of psychological knowledge in explorations of the past, has enjoyed substantial attention. Traditionally, the emphasis in such studies has been on biographical research. This volume attempts to broaden the horizon and to include studies of phenomena as well on a group or subcultural level. The volume contains chapters on such subjects as apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Belgium, attitudes towards suicide in seventeenth-century Sweden, the pillarization of Dutch Calvinists. There are also studies of famous individuals such as Hitler, Stalin, Freud, Van Gogh and J.H. Newman. Among the contributors are well-known authors like Donald Capps, Michael P. Carroll, William W. Meissner, Ana-Marìa Rizzuto and Antoine Vergote.
In Psychology of Religion in Turkey, senior and emerging Turkish scholars present critical conceptual analyses and empirical studies devoted to psychology of religion in Turkey. Part 1 consists of articles placing the psychology of religion in the historical context of an ancient culture undergoing modernization and secularization and articles devoted to conceptual themes suggesting the uniqueness of Islam among the great faith traditions. Part 2 is devoted to empirical studies of religion in the Turkish-Islamic includuing studies focused on the religious life of Turkish youth, popular religiosity, spirituality, and Muslim religious development in light of Al-Ghazzali. Part 3 is devoted to several empirical studies on a variety of social outcomes of religious commitment in Turkey.
Editor: Jacob A. Belzen
Contemporary psychology is reviving with new vigor an interest in hermeneutics, or the human science of interpretation. After a period in which positivistic and statistical approaches have been dominant, new methods are being explored. Most of these focus on narrative, cultural analysis, embodiment and interdisciplinarity. Because of its specific object of study, psychology of religion has never been without an hermeneutical emphasis. In this field of psychology scholarship, these new directions are especially welcomed as they offer perspectives for research which attempts to interpret religion as a human phenomenon.
This volume presents hermeneutical psychological studies on religion which rely on both classical and contemporary approaches. Dealing with topics like mysticism, religious symbols, life stories and mental health, contributions to the volume draw on a variety of perspectives. These range from psychoanalysis, narrative psychology and feminism to perspectives drawn deep from the wellspring of interdisciplinary collaboration with anthropology and history.
Edited by J.A. Belzen

The series published one volume over the last 5 years.
Archiv für Religionspsychologie
From 2019, Archive for the Psychology of Religion/Archiv für Religionspsychologie will be published by SAGE.

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Author: Jacob Belzen

, 2010 DOI 10.1163/187489210X12597396698708 Journal of Religion in Europe Beyond Freud in Psychoanalytic Psychology of Religion? On the Discussion of Religion as Projection Jacob A. Belzen University of Amsterdam Oude Turfmarkt 147, 1012 GC Amsterdam, Th e Netherlands belzen

In: Journal of Religion in Europe
Proceedings of the third symposium on the psychology of religion in Europe
Authors: Helmut Reich and Peter Hill

Archive for the Psychology of Religion 30 (2008) 5-18 © Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2008 DOI: 10.1163/157361208X316935 Quo Vadis Psychology of Religion? Introduction to the Special Section K. Helmut Reich a) and Peter C. Hill b) a) School of Consciousness Studies and Sacred

In: Archive for the Psychology of Religion
The Archive for the Psychology of Religion/Archiv für Religionspsychologie is the oldest medium in the psychology of religion. It is the official organ of the Internationale Gesellschaft für Religionspsychologie (International Association for the Psychology of Religion [IAPR]) founded in 1914. Following a reorganization of the IAPR in 2001, the Archiv is now published as an international, peer-reviewed journal.
The current editorship is shared by Jacob A. Belzen, Leslie J. Francis and Ralph W. Hood, Jr.
The Archive for the Psychology of Religion/Archiv für Religionspsychologie is open to all scientific methodologies, quantitative and qualitative as well as to established and innovative conceptual and theoretical perspectives in the psychology of religion.

Clinical psychology of religion: A training model BY MARINUS VAN UDEN, JOS PIEPER Abstract In this paper we will show you a part of a course "Clinical Psychology of Religion" that has been developed in the Netherlands for introducing mental health professionals in the field of clinical

In: Archive for the Psychology of Religion