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A right bank tributary of the Niger River, the Mekrou, has formed a strongly incised river bed within clayey to sandy alluvium, locally interrupted by thin layers of gravel and coarser deposits. The alluvia give evidence to different climatic conditions: finer material was accumulated during flooding within a humid period, whereas the arid times seem to be reflected by coarser sediments. The cyclic facies change of sedimentation gives evidence for a repeated shilft in climate and hydrologic conditions, assuming that the alluvia originate in the upper Pleistocene. Some human artefacts are associated to the different gravel layers (subjacent bed = Palaeolithic, intermediate bed = middle Palaeolithic, overlying bed = ‘‘recent’’ Palaeolithic, Neolithic, and iron Metallurgy). The absence of terraces, the occurrence of sandy sediments on the border of the river bed indicates to active morphodynamic processes; some angularly shaped meanders give evidence for a rapid change of drainage and leads to the hypothesis of a modified flow-off by the river’’s recent capture.

In: Journal of African Archaeology
Author: Carswell, John.

rapport possible avec l’arabe ḥarra [q.v.]?) et dépourvus d’eau. A 2 km. à l’Ouest-Sud-ouest, se trouve un site haut-paléolit̲h̲ique-mésolit̲h̲ique où abondent des outils de silex. L’entrée du Ḳaṣr Ḵh̲arāna (v. pl. XXIX) contient deux blocs de pierre portant une partie d’une inscription grecque, ce qui


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In: Israel Journal of Ecology and Evolution

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In: Israel Journal of Ecology and Evolution

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In: T'oung Pao

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In: Israel Journal of Ecology and Evolution

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In: Israel Journal of Ecology and Evolution
Author: J. HELLER

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In: Israel Journal of Ecology and Evolution
Author: J. BOUCHUD

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In: Israel Journal of Ecology and Evolution